The Official Bio

Maker, do-er, dreamer and schemer, Clare Mulvany is the director of her own one wild life. She is the founder of Thrive School and a creative coach for entrepreneurs and trailblazers.

As an award-winning author, artist, documentary photographer, yoga teacher and creative entrepreneur Clare leads courses, workshops, retreats and custom-made events to help people experience the transformative power of the creative process and catalyse their own personal and professional visions.


A graduate from Oxford University, she has lived and worked across the globe, co-founding and founding several social ventures along the way. She led the inaugural Suas leadership volunteer Programme in India and Kenya, has been a lecturer in English literature at Peking University, Beijing; co-founded The Trailblazery- a series of cutting edge talks and hedgeschools which have been broadcast globally on RTÉ and The Washington Post. She has founded and hosted a Women’s Entrepreneur Circle, and also co-ordinated a national day of Street Parties in Ireland with Street Feast. 

As a photographer and writer she has documented the stories of leading social change organisations across the world and is the author of several books, including ‘One Wild Life- A Journey to Discover People who Change our World’ (Collins Press). Additionally she has collaborated with Plain Ink, an NGO in Italy, on writing a children’s health book and has authored a language learning textbook for the Chinese Market (published by New Orientalist Press).

Clare trained as a classical hatha yoga teacher with Samadhi Yoga in Dublin and is the co-founder of Be Retreats, hosting creative yoga retreats in Ireland, UK and Greece.  Clare is a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland awardee and has been named by the Irish Times as one of Ireland’s top 60 creative people.

She currently lives in West Cork, Ireland and is frequently seen with Milly, her little dog, by her side.


She brings a sense of zen to the chaotic. 

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