A Spring of Intention

We are part a large cycles of time. The earth has been revolving for millions of years. The moon has been orbiting. The stars have been forming, flaming and fading. The oceans have been swirling and the seasons have been changing. We are here for a blink of an eye. Our time is precious and in this time we have an opportunity to be part of this magical cycle of life. 

Tapping into the cyclical nature of life can connect us to the deeper parts of ourselves: our old selves, our wise selves; our wild selves- the part of us that is intrinsically related to this longer than our life-span self. When we take a step back and see the larger narratives at play, we have a chance to see our own lives in perspective: what am I here to do, how can I contribute, what is my offering to this turning.

The answers to your questions begins with connection.
The seeds of connection is in engaging with our senses; in the tactility of the earth’s offerings.

The connection starts with intention. 


An Invitation: 

I invite you to join the next Living Seasonally course, Spring Edition, when we will be exploring intentionality in relation to the Celtic cycle of time. Feb 3rd- 13th.

There will be invitations to listen inwards through creativity and words. There will be a chance to connect with others. There will be a sense of momentum as you move deeper into this dance of life.

This tuning in can have a positive ripple effect on all aspects of your life: personal, professional, communal, spiritual.

This is our exploration. This is my invitation. 


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50 Resources for Bringing your Venture to life


Getting any project, business or venture off the ground can be a daunting task, especially for those with less technical orientations. There are so many digital tools, resources, apps, methods- it can be a minefield. I know- because I’ve been there and have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what works for me, and what doesn’t. So, I have complied a list of resources and tools which could save you a lot of time and money.

After 10 years as sole-trader (as a mentor, photographer and project starter) here are some of the best and simplest tools I have found. Many are no cost or low cost. I have put an asterisk (*) beside any which are free or have free versions available.

The first and best tools may not be the most obvious: 

I want to start with my best tools, which are not technical at all. They are my best tools because they help me to think more clearly and process what feels like a jumble of thoughts, ideas and the seeds of ideas in my head.

My best tool of all is my journal. In there goes ideas, plans, morning pages, draft posts, course plans, random quotes, scribbles, doodles. I’m a big fan of soft-back large blank or dotted Moleskins. They are a bit expensive and this feels like an indulgence, but how I love their blank pages. The journal comes everywhere with me (except into the shower or bath!), and it is usually beside my bed so if I can’t sleep because of an idea, I can just jot down what’s on my mind, and then it helps me get back to sleep. A journal is the closest thing to a panacea that I know.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 13.28.38The next best tool I use is a large blank roll of white or brown paper (mostly wallpaper lining). On there, comes the big picture views- mapping the year ahead, or a book projects, or a marketing plan. The big sheet helps me to see links between ideas and helps me cluster projects into plans. Coloured pens, post-it notes and some design thinking symbols also help to make the muddles in my head look a little bit logical. These plans then get condense into Trello lists (see below).

I keep a separate notebook/ day planner for day to day to do/ priorities.  This is often just a refill pad- something not too precious.



These days, it need not cost a huge amount of financial investment to get your venture started. You can build a website, get good design and begin getting your offerings out into the world with some clicks and a few emails. Over time, when you know you have a product which works and the services you are offering are tried and tested, you can then invest in higher end production and design.

My website is a wordpress.org site*, which I got a web designer to create. I have learned some very basic html coding so that I can add and amend a little- but I still need her support with some design work. I use a security plugin (iThemes).

I have also created websites on wix.com * and vibr.com – both of which I’d recommend for ease of use.

I use GoDaddy to buy domain names and Blacknight Hosting.

Newsletter/ Email Marketing

I’ve found Mailchimp* to be very reliable and solid for my email marketing needs so far, also easy to use. Their reports, analytics and help services are excellent.


I’m on Gmail*. The Boomerang* plug-in for Gmail helps to schedule emails and set up replies to send at a given time. This means I can write a batch of emails and have them deliver when I think is the best time for the receiver.

Video calls

Skype video* for online coaching sessions which I record using Ecamm and email back to clients using WeTransfer*.

Social Media

I’m on Facebook*, Instagram*, Linked-In* and Twitter*.

I use Tweetdeck* to plan and schedule tweets.

Linktree* for Instagram links.

bit.ly* to shorten links

When I’m really organised I use Trello* to help me map out an editorial calendar.



I use Trello* for keeping lists and workflows. It’s like a way of organising digital sticky notes. I use the mobile app to add to these list on the go.

So, for example, if I am hosting a workshop, I keep each topic as a separate note and can tag on notes, images, memos to self. If the workshop flow changes, I spend a few minutes the next day reviewing my trello board, re-ordering the workshop agenda so that the next time I have it all ready to go, so that it will take less work to organise and prepare.

Other Trello lists include: lists of potential clients, email template scripts for saying ‘No’ (which can be really hard to write on the fly), books I have on loan, and outlines of several writing projects. want to do.

Basically- it’s handy!


When I have one of those days when I just can’t focus and I need to, I use the pomodoro method. So I use the timer on my phone in increments of 23 mins per slot.

Digital Storage

Dropbox* has been my friend. I use the mobile app to bring photos into Instagram.

Online Collaboration

Google Drive* for sharing documents, especially if two or more people are working on the same document.


Graphic Design

Most of my design work is made in Photoshop. I sometimes use Illustrator (although I’m novice, and it takes me ages!)

I have availed of free fonts on DaFont*.

Occasionally I turn to Canva* for poster design.

I have made some one-off books on Blurb.

Business Cards

moo.com. I love that I can have a different image on each card. I also love their new ‘cotton’ option, which is made with recycled T-Shirts.



I use a Zoom H4N to record audio (meditations, newsletters, course content, reading etc), and edit using Audacity*. 

If I am out walking and have an idea, or in bed, and have an idea- I audio record it on my phone’s dictaphone.


Most of my video for my online courses is simply recorded with the Photobooth on my Macbook. Where necessary I use Premier Pro to edit.  I have used both YouTube and Vimeo to host video.

Photography (where it gets a bit more technical, and a bit more expensive)

Images are shot in RAW format, processed with Lightroom, and, if needed, additional editing in Photoshop. I also resize and reformat in Photoshop. I’m a Canon Girl, working with a Canon 5D Mark II, and three main lenses: 50mm f1.4, 100mm f2.8, 24-105 f4.

I maintain a library of my own stock imagery (on back up hard drives)  and keep a selection of these in Dropbox* so they are easily accessible for sharing on social media etc.


Hosting Online Courses

I use Ruzuku so far, and so far, it has been good. The format is easy to use and to access. I am also considering Teachable. 

Surveys, Feedback and Online Applications

Typeform* has been good for online applications for programmes and for gather feedback from course participants.

Survey Monkey* has been useful for general surveys (I find their analytic graphics better than typeform)


Finance and Accountancy

I use Bullet HQ* to keep track of invoices and income. In theory I use their app to track expenses, but this is not always consistent for me- but it is an option!

Other than that, it’s basic spread sheets.

Online banking with a separate business account (I am always amazed particularly at how many sole traders don’t have a separate business account).


I use both PayPal  and Stripe for online payment processing- and never had any issue with any of them.


It’s back to old school tactics! Word of mouth is the most powerful tool I know. If someone does a good job, I try to tell others about it. If I do a good job for someone else, I ask them to spread the word and ask for a testimonial What goes around…

Hand written notes, thank you cards, snail mail. Antiquated? Maybe. Powerful. Beyond a doubt. People who come on retreat with me get little hand written notes, someone offer you a valuable piece of advice- popping something in the post as a thank you makes the exchange even more precious. Writing letters to people you admire- priceless!

Picking up the phone. An email might do it, but would a phone call be better? Often because it’s… connection and connection is what relationships and networks thrive on.


I don’t use fancy editing or writing tools. Things start in my journal, or a post it note, or a napkin, then make their way to a word document. That’s kind of it. A nice pen helps.



50 Resources rgb A free PDF of this Resource Pack is available. Sign up to my mailing list for this plus more resources, tools and practices for leading your own one wild life.


Hope you have found this helpful! Happy plotting and planning!

How Getting Clear Changes Everything… Because, It’s Time. 

West Cork Whale Watch June 2017-24

Did you all see Oprah’s speech on the Golden Globes last night? WOW. Now, there’s a woman in her glorious power, there is a woman who embodies fierce grace, there is a woman who stands phenomenally in her own fullness and realises that when she shines, she gives permission for other’s to shine too.

This is clarity. This is intention. This is purpose. This is the sacred dance of light and life.

I know Oprah get’s it: that it’s time. 

It’s time for women to shine. It’s time for men to join in the chorus of the feminists and shine alongside them. It’s time for the creative spirit of feminine leadership to rise and shape how we do politics and power, culture and the commons.

Because, by God, it’s about bloody time. That means for me. That mean’s for you too. Yes, I mean it, for all of us. It’s time.

I want to share this personal story with you: curled up by the fire, with my blank pages and intention sheets spread out across the rugs, something deep inside of me had a massive re-configuration over the New Year. In all it can be summarised also as ‘It’s time’.

That means – it is time for me to do the big work that I have been sensing in me for years, it’s time to let my inner light to really shine, it’s time to not let the (perceived) judgements of others prevent me from creating what I want to create or serving in the way I sense I am to serve. It’s also time to stop making excuses for myself, or blaming my thighs, or blaming the way my jumpy brain works, because well, that is not serving anyone- the blame-especially me. This is my one wild and precious life after all, and I want to show up in fullness to this crazy beautiful world which I have the privilege of being a part of.

I’m not saying it is always easy, it’s not. To do the big work we have to look hard in the mirror and ask some big questions, namely:

Who I am being called to be? 


When we go deep into that question we find that the clue to unravel it is in the ‘be’ .

And when we give ourselves permission to go there- to our beingness– what we find is a great, infinite, connected, wondrous, and powerful self- because that self is already deep inside us, and has been all along. This insight gives us the power to know that we are already good enough, worthy enough and talented enough.  (And, for sure, Oprah lives this).

Knowing this, we can then get to the next set of questions;

  • What am I being called to do? 
  • What do I have to let go of?
  • How am I willing to enter the arena? 
  • How can I really and sustainably resource myself? 
  • And how can I let my intention and attention lead the way? 

You see, the ‘I’ here not small i , it is large ‘I’ -the infinite ‘I’.  It is the ‘I’ which is connected intrinsically to all beings. In understanding this, the ‘I’ is also ‘we’ …

You’ll note that Oprah said in her speech last night

‘When you speak your truth, it is the greatest power we have’

Oprah for the win!


New Year's Day 2018-34
So, yes, I’ve been looking in the metaphorical mirror too and asking some of these questions. It means that things are undergoing change around here, and I wanted to share some with you now.

Internally, my biggest intention is to nurture positive interior space’ – which essentially means shifting the way I speak to myself- less self judgement, more self compassion.

There are two tools which I know work really well in supporting this:

  • Firstly a regular meditation practice– to create space to tap into the inner infinite.
  • and secondly, the cultivation of a stronger relationship with the future self, the higher self, than to the past self or critical self. This involves developing regular rituals, practices and resources which keep the higher vision alive and clear.

It’s all a work in progress (as always), but what is really clear is that keeping the vision alive is very much a practice which requires daily top up whether that is through journalling, yoga, nature walks, sitting meditation or visualisation.

Then there are the external shifts. And here’s how clarity is changing things for me over the coming year(s)….

Firstly, I’ll be staying on living in West Cork and starting to create immersive learning experiences here for others to engage with the creative and transformative power of this place. There will be solo writing retreats, writing retreats for those who want to bring books out into the world, and there will be creative leadership retreats. I’m just finalising dates and prices, but announcements coming soon. (how exciting is this!)

I’ll be continuing the Living Seasonally online courses, four per year, to honour the wisdom of turning to the seasons and the momentum which is embedded into the celtic cycles (The Spring Edition starts Feb 3rd).

I’ll host a weekly community yoga class in Schull (for practice is power, and community is key)

And my coaching/ mentoring work is shifting too. I’ll be developing some group courses and resources online, and my one-to-one work is also more focused.With that in mind, I have taken a long look at my business model, and for things to be sustainable, it’s also clear that I had to raise my prices. So, you’ll this reflected in the new Clarity Sessions package.. So, if you know it’s your time too, and you’d like some support to map out your internal and external intentions, now is a good time to book in.

And then off course, there are books, always the books 🙂 So I am crafting the space to finish Home on the Wild Edge and start the next…

So, folks, clarity- it’s changing, everything. 


In some part of your life, it’s time too.. 

Time to speak up.

Time to stop holding back.

Time to let go.

Time to hold on.

Time to forgive.

Time to surrender.

Time to do your big work.

Time to step up.

Time to love like you have never loved before.

Let’s do this. Because, you’ve guessed it, it’s time ….

clarity-sessions-rgbThe Clarity Sessions

Would you like to work one to one with me?

The Clarity Sessions are designed to get you clear on your own inner and outer intentions and follow up with focused action.

Let’s give this a month…

Taking bookings now.




PS. I’ve loved Oprah for years but now she is orbiting new levels! So yes, Oprah for President! And is she eligible to run for Presidency in Ireland?!!



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January Questions and the celtic season of ‘active waiting’

lay of the land 2016-17


Slowly, slowly, the days are getting longer. The predominate culture at this time of year tells us to go faster, do more, get fit, push harder. But look outside- the trees are bare, the ground is preparing for new growth, the wildlife has slowed to a rhythm which respects renewal. But underneath the surface, there is an active waiting for the right timing.

It’s not dormancy- it’s receptivity.

In the celtic system, we are in this feminine phase of ‘active waiting’, fine tuning our receptivity radar to be alert to callings and new growth while tending to that which serves renewal. The feminine is dream space, depth space, ‘out-of-time’ space. It’s in all of us, male or female, and it has the capacity to tap us into our innate underground source of creativity, and from there springs forth the channel on which we can travel onwards. Time to journal, time to have conversations with your intentions, time to open your heart to your inner world of knowing….

So, two questions as you move through these early weeks of January:

‘What are you ready to receive?’ and…

‘How can you actively participate in your own unfolding?’.



The Clarity Sessions are designed to help you get clear, get intentional and build the momentum to help you share your gift with the world.

One month of deep conversations, creative practices and follow up support.

If you have some wisdom to share with the world, and you know it is time, but are seeking some space to dream, plot and plan and then these sessions are for you.

Find out more here. 


Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 13.28.38

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An Intentional Year: A Guidebook and Planner

Intentional year graphic

As we stand on the threshold of one calendar year to the next, the threshold is both an invitation and a doorway. The threshold offers us space to reflect, recalibrate and concentrate our attention and intention on the life we constantly choose to step into.

To support us I have a designed as a resource for helping us create intentional lives, year by year, day by day, one elegant step after another. In times of challenge it will help us surmount our fears, doubts or obstacles with discernment and tact. In time of uncertainty, it will align us to clarity. In times of loneliness it will help connect us back to what matters most in our lives and the wider landscape of life, beauty and connection which is integrally and often invisibly woven into the fabric of our days.

This guide is intended as a map to you own inner guidance; as a place you will be able tap into your wisdom and find your way back to yourself whenever you need direction throughout the year.

Resolutions v’s Intentions

IMG_4134It is so tempting at the beginning of the year to be harsh with ourselves- reprimanding ourselves for our failings or our misgivings. We resolve to create new habits but often set unrealistic goals for ourselves. While on the surface some of these goals may seem lofty (fitness goals in particular) often they are driven by fear and feelings of not feeling worthy, loved, good enough or successful enough. By week three when things generally start to wane, we are spun into a cycle of regret and feelings of failure, and so we resolve again to do better while beating ourselves with the reprimanding stick. Ouch!

Which is where INTENTION comes in.

Intention differs from goals or resolutions in that it hooks us up to the highest innate possibility within ourselves. It does not condemn our faults, it has no grievances with us, it does not resolve to ‘fix’ us or ‘heal’ us. Instead it recognises that we are already whole, beautiful, and sacred. Intentionality brings us back consistently to the remembrance of our intimate and intrinsic wholeness.

To access your free planner, sign up to my mailing list and you will receive the link directly. For those already on the list, check your inbox!


Wishing you all a very happy and intentional new year,

Onwards and with love,

Clare x


Poetry Salon

Welcome back everyone. Hope you have had a lovely, peaceful and joyful Christmas.

I’m back with the Poetry Salon today, sharing poems on the theme of Joy- joy in an expansed sense of contentment, appreciation and completeness.

Today, some poems from Adrienne Rich, Derek Walcott, Vona Groake and the delightful Clemency Emmet.


December Poetry Salon 6

Today on the salon we are turning inwards again, to find space within which holds room for magic and mystery. And we are turning towards the writings of Rumi, Rilke and O’Donohue to help take us there.

As the winter solstice approaches, let’s give ourselves over to the magic and mystery of this time of year. I hope this salon is a comfort and a guide too.

Happy listening,

Clare x

Winter Solstice Ritual: A guide to cultivating hope

Winter Solstice Ritual rgb

Hello to you on this December day.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere the days are short and the nights are long, but we are soon approaching the turning. Soon, the nights will shorten and the days will lengthen and the tide of the year will swing once again.

This cyclical turning of time was an integral part of the ancient celtic calendar. Marking the passage of time and the movement of the planets offered a clock based on the seasons. It gave markers for when it was time to rest, plant, tend, harvest and return to rest again. At eight points in the year, particular crossings or thresholds were celebrated, the Winter Solstice being an important one of them.

The was a celebration to both honour the dark and welcome the light. It was a time of pause, magic and mysticism- nowhere more evident in some of the architecture of the time, when the solstice winter light was magically tunnelled down passage tombs such as Newgrange, to illuminate an inner chamber within the tomb.

Christmas too has long been associated with magic. Santa, flying reindeer, presents left under trees are modern day embodiments of these ancient practices of honouring this time of year- a time of giving thanks, of joy, of hope and yes, magic. And yet, for many Christmas is a hard time, the financial pressures of an overly commercialised festival, the missing of loved ones and absent friends, or even the deeper struggles to find a home in the wider place in the world, can all be amplified at this time of year.

Switching on the global news headlines does not seem to help either- one would not be alone in giving oneself over to cynicism. Hope then, in these days of uncertainty and fear becomes even more powerful and more urgent.

But what does it mean to cultivate hope?

8573757001_3333ff64fc_oOne of the origins of hope is pause. To sit still in the fullness of our lives and give ourselves back to the magic of joy, generosity and to the dream of better days to come- for to be hopeful is to have belief in the possibilities of the future, as individuals and as a collective.

The word solstice itself comes from the Latin, meaning, Sol (sun) + Sistere (to stand still). And so, this reflective planner and these simple rituals are designed to help us do just that- to take some pause, to stand still for a few hours, to re-claim our dreams and in doing so cultivate our hope. They will help us to tune into our inner voice, power and wisdom at a time when we need it the most. This is my gift to you, as a way of supporting you to tune into the possibilities of magic and in doing so welcome the light into the inner chambers of your precious heart.


To access the free planner sign up to my mailing list here and you will be sent further details with a download link. 

Then, print off, carve some precious time, and enjoy the turning time.

In this practice you will be invited to: 

  • Honour the role of darkness in your life
  • Welcome in Magic and Synchronicity
  • Write a Letter from the Future
  • Create a Wreath of Intention
  • Craft your own Winter Blessing

Blessings for the Solstice,

Clare. x

Poetry Salon 5



Hello everyone

On tonight’s episode of The Poetry Salon we are on a journey across the world, to India and then to Rwanda, encountering voices and poems which we don’t often encounter.

So, pull up a chair and take 15 minutes to listen to the voices of children and young adults who have some very powerful words to offer us

You can listen to previous episodes of The Poetry Salon over on my soundcloud page here.

Happy listening!

Clare x

More or less?


More or less? 

Here is a 5 mins writing practice to take us to our real cravings….

Less scrolling, more connection

Less fear, more hope

Less stuff, more space

Less noise, more stories

Less cynicism, more action

Less doubt, more faith

Less shallow, more real

Less isolation, more belonging

Less milk chocolate, more dark chocolate

Less skepticism, more listening

Less bullying, more befriending

Less strangers, more neighbours

Less drama, more presence

Less hesitation, more courage

Less hate, more love


Now over to you: What are you craving less of to have more of? 

Grab a timer, a blank sheet of paper and a pen. Set the timer for 5 mins. Keeping writing until the timer rings. Go.




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