Clarity Sessions


4 weeks. 3 live sessions. 1 month to clarity. 

You have gifts and talent to share with the world. You have big ideas. You want to make a difference. You know you want to let your work and wisdom shine. It’s time.

But perhaps..

You are not sure what idea to progress first- they all seem important. You are finding it hard to focus and you lose momentum quickly. You are unclear what actions to take and you get frustrated with yourself. You are feeling a bit overwhelmed and a little intimated, comparing yourself to others

but still..

You know it is time.

You have work to do in the world and you know it’s time to get out of your own way. You may not feel ready, but you still know it is time..

  • time to value your creativity and voice
  • time to step into your leadership
  • time to do the thing* you have wanted to do for ages
  • time to feel really proud of yourself for honouring the deepest part of your longing

Yes, it’s your time, finally…

*thing = book, business, new venture, next stage of your business, new collaboration

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‘Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and beauty in it’- Goethe

Why 1 month:

Think of the month as laser focus for intention and momentum. The short timeframe helps to get clear on your most important ideas.

What you can expect from the process: 

  • A framework for following through on your commitments
  • Action plan and clear next steps
  • Accountability and support

Creative visioning practices and tools

  • Also, and perhaps most importantly…

You’ll have more confidence to speak out, say no, say yes, tend to your dreams, mine your wisdom and show up with confidence.

Because, yes, you’ve guessed it: it’s time.

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How I will show up to the process of working together: 

With a belief in the possibilities within you, knowing that the magic is in the space between us- your questions meet my questions and together we will plot a way forward.

I’ll show up with honesty, openness, vulnerability and a healthy dose of tough love, because I know that deadlines and accountability help with the flow.

I can tell you right now that I don’t have all the answers to your questions, but what I can do is create the space and conditions for us to dive into them. I bring my best listening skills, my open heart and belief that your voice and story matters.

This process will work for you if: 

  • You are willing to show up with your dreams, your messy ideas, your vulnerability, your commitment to yourself.
  • Between our sessions there will assignments and creative tasks, like developing a journalling practice, keeping a vision diary and creating deadlines for yourself (which I can help to you to keep track of), so you’ll need to be able to give yourself space and time to be able to show up. That might mean saying no to a few things for a while and creating some healthy boundaries around your time (we can talk about what these are).

If this still speaks to you… 

Then contact me and we can arrange to have a 15 min call to decide if we are a good fit for each other.

If you can’t quite make the time for this yet, no worries, be sure to sign up to my mailing list and we can stay in the loop.


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How the clarity sessions will work: 

This is a 5 phase process. During the month we will have 3 live sessions (via Skype), and I will also be available to you on email with support.

Phase One: Preparatory Phase

We’ll have an initial 15 minute conversation to see if we are a good fit for working each other.

After that, I’ll send you a preliminary sheet with some clarifying questions for you to return to me so I can learn a bit more about you in advance of our calls.

Phase Two: Getting to your ‘Why’ 

In the first call we’ll dive into your ideas, getting under the ‘why’ of them.

  • Using a combination of visioning, writing and guided practices we’ll fine tune your vision.
  • We’ll aim to set up a daily practice for yourself to help nourish your inner life
  • We’ll look at what you need to let go of in order to create from a spacious and conscious place within.
  • You’ll be assigned some tasks to carry out in advance of our next call.

Phase Three: Clarifying your callings

Next we’ll map the year ahead. Including:

  • plotting out what project comes first
  • figuring out what actions need to happen, and in what order
  • Set up an accountability framework for yourself to help you stay committed to your plan

Phase Four: Fine tuning your plan

The final session is about fine-tuning your plan,

  • We’ll examine what is working, what is not working
  • We’ll look at the processes and practices to help you to sustain your momentum and keep on track with your commitments to yourself and your vision.

Phase Five

One month after the live sessions have finished, I’ll send a follow up email to check in and help sustain the momentum.

During the sessions my role is both witness and guide. I’ll listen to where you are at, feedback what I hear and help you to hear your own answers. We lean into both the flow and resistance, knowing there is information in both.

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The Process: 

Preparation :

  • 15 min preliminary call
  • Preliminary prep sheet to dive into the key questions and help me to get to know your ideas and needs better.

Phase One: 

  • 120 min Skype Call (with a recording of your session to review)
  • Follow up tasks
  • Target tracking worksheet.

Phase Two:

  • 120 min Skype call to map out your ideas and the path ahead
  • Email follow up and progress tracking

Phase Three: 

  • 120 min Skype call.
  • Plan for sustaining momentum

All calls are recorded and sent to you afterwards as a video file.

Over the course of the process you will receive weekly updates


Contact me today and we can arrange to have our first 15 min call to see if we are a good fit!

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Here are what some recent clients have had to say:


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Clare on my project. When we started I felt it was all a mess, all the ideas and research were floating in my head, disconnected and I felt stuck. Clare was brilliant at guiding me through the process. Clare asks you the right questions for you to reflect, she has loads of suggestions for further reading, exploration, etc and she is just so knowledgeable and professional! I have no hesitation recommending Clare to anyone who is in need of fresh eyes, a listening ear and strong guidance in whatever project you are embarking your self on!”- Soraya Sobrevia, Spring 2017


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Investment : €675

Booking process:

Bookings are made via bank transfer or Paypal, after we have had a chat to see if we are a good match for each other.

Once a booking has been made I will send on preliminary sheets and we will arrange a date for our first Skype session.

Ready? Contact me today and we can take it from there…

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‘Clare helped me navigate through my head full of ideas that was experiencing overwhelm and therefore lack of clarity. With clever probing questions, Clare helped me get it all out onto (her infamous roll of) paper where I could see patterns, preferences and passions more clearly. I loved that Clare left me with some simple assignments and tools so that I could develop new patterns of working and explore and manage my creative ideas further on my own with confidence. I found the accountability to Clare afterwards really helpful in keeping me focused and on track also, something often missing from the professional development of a freelancer! Finally, I am so grateful to Clare for providing a safe and supportive experience which allowed me to dive deep with confidence’- Sharon Hearne- Smith, Cookbook writer, TV Host and Food Stylist, 2017.
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‘Clare’s creative intuition is brilliant to work with. Her wisdom is both immensely practical and deeply insightful, never failing to offer a new perspective, tool, or the right question to move you forward on your creative journey.  Working with Clare means being supported to hold bigger questions whilst also being challenged to be more authentic and open in allowing answers to emerge’- Ronan Lynagh, 2017, Leadership Facilitator and Entrepreneurial Educator
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“My session with Clare has been as insightful as all of my previous work with her. She facilitates me in asking the big questions of myself; what it is that brings me joy, who do I want to serve, how do I want to serve, how does my great joy interlap with the world’s great need?
Clare facilitates you in reflecting on your true hearts offering and therefore to serve the world with clarity and intention. She brings in practical advice on money, pricing, and sustainability – which can all be easily ignored in a giving profession such as Yoga.
Clare keeps a strong perspective on how you want to live your life, not just how you want to run your business. To get to the place you want to be in, I would hugely recommend seeking her  guidance, vision and facilitation. She allows you to see the big picture, the aerial shot of your life, and then helps you draw an elegant map through the sometimes rough terrain of entrepreneurship.”

Máirín O’Grady, Yoga Teacher, Writer and Retreat Host.


‘I did some one to one sessions with Clare over the course of 3 months.  What stood out the most to me was the benefit of set tasks and accountability, getting some direction and awakening a spark of motivation towards bringing ideas to life.  I found Clare’s interactions with me reassuring and positively reinforcing.’
– Naomi Sturdy, Yoga Teacher 








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“Clare helped me to streamline my thinking quickly and seamlessly. In a series of simple and enjoyable sessions she guided me in creating a path of conceivable and achievable goals through what had seemed to me to be a vague and unsettling forest of thoughts and ideas. I would recommend Clare’s services to anyone who is considering a new venture. She is a master in the art of the possible.”- John Cronin, Autumn 2017


I am so delighted that I had the opportunity to work with Clare. As a Partner in a growing business, with a part-time role as a university lecturer, I was feeling a little overwhelmed and unclear if I was using my focus and energy in the right way. 

The sessions with Clare really helped me find clarity and confidence in my role as a leader. She did this by not only being a wonderful listener but by actively participating and sharing her significant insights. Following each conversation, the seeds of ideas discussed began to radiate into every aspect of my life. I’m amazed how such a short period of time has resulted in me feeling significantly lighter day to day and more confident in my path.

Clare has a unique approach that balances professionalism and straight talking with a warmness and generosity of spirit.  I highly recommend Clare and have already done so to many friends & colleagues.- Suzanne O'Connell, 2017