Creative Mentoring Sessions

Am I the right mentor for you?

Mentoring is a long term investment in your vision and values. The results of the work come over time. This is about creating the foundations to build your future

Yes if you want to…

Turn up the Volume on your Vision

  • Identify your passions and purpose
  • Clarify your vision and values- or upgrade your current vision and listen the pull of your future.
  • Craft vision boards and navigation charts to map your journey in a creative and fun way.
  • Build confidence in your voice, vision and unique offerings.
  • Turn big visions into concrete action steps.

Leverage your Voice:

  • Life Mapping: Chart your personal narrative to communicate your story.
  • Uncover your unique selling point, find your niche and learn to position yourself within the market.
  • Identify your community
  • Learn to package your services
  • Connect with your ideal customer and position your expertise to your ideal clients.

Craft your Prototype and Iterate, Iterate, Iterate:

  • Generate ideas for products and services which resonate with your vision.
  • Get support through the initial stages and then refine and integrate learning.

Build and Launch your Brand:

  • Help put words and images to what you do.
  • Build a lexicon of words and messages to capture your essence
  • Learn how to leverage social media and blogging to maximize your impact and reach

Sustain your creativity and reach:

  • Help establish creative routines and productive habits.
  • Help to get unstuck including writing prompts and resources.
  • Incorporate and healthy physical and mental habits to support your internal and external growth


Do it all mindfully..

You know we are not a good fit if you:

  • can’t give the time commitment
  • seeking immediate quick wins.
  • can’t afford it now. But be sure to sign up to my mailing list for some free resources and news on future training and events.
  • need more technical support such as a web designer or graphic designer. But I can put you in touch with some good folk…


vision mapping






It was a real pleasure to work with Clare as she has the ability to ask the right questions and create tools for me which have been really helpful to develop the right answers on how I move forward with my work. I very much enjoyed her creative coaching and the honesty she brings in her feedback. I am really grateful to have worked with such a kind, thoughtful and creative coach. Charles Ryder