This is about long term change. 

I believe in the power of bearing witness. In our sessions, I open a space for listening, reflection and support, giving you room to think through your ideas. Sometimes those ideas need some challenge, sometimes nurture, always with keeping your long-term vision and focus in view.

How each mentoring session evolves: 

First off…

We’ll take a deep breath to gear us up, pausing for a few meditative moments to help you clarify your intentions for the session.

Next Step…

Then it is actions stations: defining your needs, exploring clarification tools, and working our way through the topics and areas where you are seeking support.

I ask tough and sometimes challenging questions to bring you to the heart of the matter.

We will not just brainstorm ideas but bodystorm, asking what your mind is saying, but also what your heart, your gut and where your deep intuition is calling.

Closing the Sessions..

At the end of each session we will set action steps, targets and some goals for the next session. Plus agree on deadlines for when I will next check in with you.

During the process…

I will bear witness, be there as a guide, supporting you to take your creative vision to the next level. I’ll mirror back what I see while honouring your own dreams and aspirations.

What to expect from mentoring with me: 

You can expect this from me:

You can expect to be listened to, challenged, supported and nudged to meet your goals. There will be compassion and support, questions and nurture.

You can expect to be seen and heard, and for your vision to be taken seriously.

You can expect me to be on time to calls and events, respond to your emails promptly, offer guidance from my head and my heart.

You can expect follow up emails and resources.

I expect this from you:

To get the most out of your investment:

I’ll expect you to commit time and energy to the experience not just time in the calls, but at least 3 additional hours a week to build on your creative goals and redefine your direction.

I expect you to be on time to calls and events. If you are unable to make a call, I need 48 hours notice.


Open Declaration:

I want to put my hand up and declare openly that I have not taken any official coaching training. I am, however, an expert by experience– with 20 years of learning in the fields of social activism, education, creative and social entrepreneurship, and yoga. I have written a book about social entrepreneurship and am a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Awardee. I have set up and run many creative ventures and projects and have travelled internationally sharing my experience across the globe. I know this stuff because I have had to learn it the hard way. Plus I know what a difference a mentor can make because I have had some very powerful and supportive ones in my life. With all this experience I feel I am ready to take it all out into the world.

For official training credentials I offer:

  • MSc in Comparative & International Education, Oxford University. Distinction.
  • BA English & Psychology (Hons), Queen University Belfast.
  • Yoga Alliance RT 200 Hours, Samadhi Yoga, Dublin. Distinction. (plus ongoing professional development and training)
  • Business training with Dublin City Enterprise Board.
  • Art of Hosting Leadership Training, Greece and ongoing leadership development training.
  • I am currently visiting faculty member at UCD Innovation Academy and The Law Society of Ireland.