I think productivity is so over-rated. We can fill our days with busyness, but doing what? What are we producing, to what end, with what consequences?

What if, instead of productivity we focused on efficacy. Is my energy flowing towards things which matter to me? I am contributing to the changes I want to see in the world? Am I treating my time as a precious, non-renewable resource.

I feel so grateful to live by the sea, even more so here on the West Coast of Ireland. These daily moments and lingerings on the shore, help me to stay connected to the energy which brings me alive, and gives me a chance to figure out my priorities. Sometimes, I spend hours down here, being very non-productive. But, when I return to my desk or other commitments, I know I am more focused and more effective. The time to wander and just be, is fuel for everything else. Doing more is not necessarily doing better. It’s just more.

What if better, was in fact, less. And what if less, is in fact, the key to what you need to help you figure out what matters most to you. So you can do with more intent, more clarity, more impact, more preciousness. Doing less is not lazy. Doing less may, in fact, be the most effective thing you have done all week.

Time for a wander? A long one? ….