For International Women’s Day

To honour the women, we honour the feminine within us all. It begins with honouring the Great Mother, Mama Earth, Gaia; this singular and magical home of ours, the original birthplace. And it involves honouring the womb: the dark place of possibility and potential deep within; our creative well, where fecundity is a birthright. We honour those who have gone before- the mothers who have lead the way and opened doors, and the mothers of mothers. And we honour the flame of feminine power and voice. 

In this honouring of the feminine, there is acknowledgement of the masculine. The yin and the yang; the need for both within all of us- male and female- to circle the cycle of a whole life. 

Our global systems were built in the main with patriarchal structures- government, business, education, healthcare- linear and hierarchical, with the dominant push power, which unchecked, can repress and negate the feminine. For systemic change to happen- to create systems which are sustainable and dynamic–our systems need also to embody the feminine principles of vulnerability, flexibility, cycles and empathy. They need to capture the fierce creative potential in the womb of our imaginations to vision and actualise new ways of being in the world. We need leadership with compassion at its core, we need fluid and dynamically responsible policies and practices which protect our earth, our collective home. We need to speak of love as a cohesive force—a powerful love which can unite us as fellow citizens of the world. 

So this International Women’s Day, whether you are male or female, or however you choose to express your gender- may we all celebrate the feminine internally, so that the feminine externally may rise with its great power and grace to evolve us to wholeness.