Home on the Edge

‘We find ourselves back to the centre of things not by remembering but by retelling. Sometimes it is in the telling and then retelling of the stories that our lives our made’

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Home on the Edge is my latest book and is a work in progress.

I think the back blurb of the book will read something like this:

Part memoir, part meditation, part myth, part medicinal, this is a rite of passage story of a woman’s quest for belonging, devotion and connection. From uncovering a dark secret in her family history, to taking off from the Eastern shores of the Irish coast, circumnavigating the globe, and then landing back to the West of Ireland, this book is a mobius strip of interwoven experience; a training in how to keep the heart open through times of chaos and confusion.

‘Home on the Edge’ offers readers a map for how to live with an open heart in a broken world, and ultimately how to keep returning to the shores of our own bodies as a way back into the greatest conversations of our lives: how best to live them. 


img_3543In March 2018, I turn 40. It feels like a marking point.

Before I get there I had a huge sense that it is time to write- to narrate the storylines of my life, treat them with a radical truth, dive into the dark and light, to emerge with a greater strength which come from knowing our stories and how their can best direct our next bold moves.

As I started writing I realised I had hit on a much deeper current about how women find belonging, identity, love and their own power. The story weaves its way with three core elements: the meditative, the mythic and memory. I have uncovered a story-line about my great-grandmother that lay hidden until recently, and from trying to understand what that has meant in my family, I then I use my own personal journey as entry points in to a wider conversation about identity and our place in the world. And so the story travels, as I have done, from Dublin to China, through Africa and India, the South Pacific, often with a camera and often through some of the poorest places on earth. Along the way there are insights about the power of story, love, home and our natural world. The sea and the metaphor of the edge plays a huge role throughout the story, which is why I know I need to be coastal to be able to write this, and why I find myself now living on the beautiful south west coast of Ireland, looking out towards the Atlantic Ocean.

In writing, I am also realising that my story is not unique: it is the story of the maturation of woman, and in asking questions about the role of story in our lives, we get to ask the bigger questions, of what is the new story in the world we are being asked to shape, and what role women in particular have to play.

This book is a rite of passage, for myself, and perhaps too for it’s future readers.

It’s all an experiment and it is all a quest.

My plan is to read sections of the first draft to a circle of friends on my 40th birthday.

I also realised that part of the story is to release the belief that I (aka we) have to do it all alone- that we are indeed stronger together.

So, here’s a leap of faith

Writing takes time, and space. I feel so fortunate to have a beautiful place to live in West Cork for the winter (until next March), but what I need is to be able to afford the time and have the money to pay for my rent and (modest) living expenses, so that I can dive into this writing process, and later to hire a copy editor.

So, I am asking for your old school patronage: your investment in this creative process as your way of being part of this story too. 

To do so, I have set up two ways for you to offer your financial support:

  1. A monthly patron subscription, via iFundraise.ie
  2. A one off donation, via iFundraise or directly via paypal me. 

Below, on this page is where I will keep a running total of the contributions. You can also hear me read a draft extract via the video…

Many of the other crowdfunding sites offer ‘tiers’ of support, depending on the level of contribution. I don’t feel this is the project for that – whatever you give is appreciated and valued. We give what we can, we trust what we give.

In return, for everyone who supports I can offer:

  • A monthly update with progress- exploring what themes are coming up, and what learning is in the creative process 
  • An invite to an early reading of the book (most likely in Dublin) 
  • Once published, a digital copy of the book. 
  • I can also add your name as a patron to this page 

Come early next year, I will be starting to look for agents and then publishers. (Contacts and connections to both are welcome too)

Whatever happens next is only a good thing. I have learned so much already by reaching out, sharing honestly, and learning to ask…

I hope you’ll be part of this unfolding story.

Many thanks,

Onward, and with love

Clare. x



Here is a sample of what is to come…

In the ancient days, in the days before before, there were initiations into adulthood. The men would go on vision quests. And the women? How did they hunt their visions down? How did they find their quests?


We move through life gathering a collection of stories. Some, we tell often- they are the ones we’ve polished and projected until their shine reflects our own image back to ourselves. We become the stories we tell ourselves. And then there are the buried stories, hidden in some secret fold of our bodies or stashed away in the attic with the antiques, wedding dresses, broken toys, opened paint pots (which realistically we’ll never use again) and the fraying sepia photographs with their fading names handwritten on the back, names which are on longer mentioned. We are also made by those stories- the half-told, the whispered, the ones too full of sentiment which, if spoken, will only deem us ‘emotional’, ‘fragile’, ‘grief-stricken’, ‘wild’, ‘neurotic’, ‘sensitive’, or ‘a little bit tricky’. Up, in the attic, the stories gather, collecting the debris of time, fading and rendered to dust- these stories that are the making of us.

Here I climb into the attic, rummaging, shifting through journal after journal, leafing furiously through the albums and sorting through the folds of my skin, on the hunt for meaning and memory. The dark places are the making of us. We shine a light on them so they too can project back their fragile, filigree light and the great ellipse of our life may be rounded; we circumnavigate to find the secret gold in the centre- luminous, lucid, and so very very precious.

This is the circle dance. The one that is taking me closer to the dark gold.


Thank you!



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