The How

How the modules will be delivered:

Creative Workshop: (Monthly)

We will start each programme with one full day of content, followed by 4 evening workshops (3 hours), and finishing off with one full day.

We will start each session with a personal wellbeing practice or check in- a short grounding mediation, or chair yoga practice, then dive into exploring that month’s theme. There will be a presentation and interactive learning component, and lots of room for questions and sharing. Each month there will be a ‘spotlight session’ where participants have a chance to share a current challenge and gain support from others.

Online component.

Outside of the creative workshops we will have an active private Facebook group, where we will share resources exploring each month’s theme. These may be added readings, worksheets, videos, interviews and learning tools.

Accountability structure

You will have the option of teaming up with another person on the programme as your accountability buddy– you will get some support and guidelines for how this works- and you will check in with them around your goals, commitments and deadlines.

Coaching Support.

As part of Thrive School each participant will have the option of additional coaching (at a special Thrive School rate)  tackling a particular design or business challenge, or more hands on support like support with brand design and communications. The coaching is tailored to the individual’s needs. You can read more about the offer here. 


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