Intentional Year Guidebook 2022

Hello all, 


As we stand on the threshold of another calendar year, many of us will be glad to see the back of 2021- a year of global flux, intense change, loss, grief, complexity and challenge. And yet, as we move into 2022, the sands have not yet settled and the ground beneath may feel ever uncertain and unsettling. And so, the spaces we can go to make meaning and sense, take solace, steady our course and bring clarity to our actions are vital to our sense of ground and our courage; qualities so necessary to live both wisely and bravely in a world that bit off kilter. 

This guidebook is intended as one of those spaces. In it you will find prompts and questions, meditations and reflections to guide you back to your inner self, so you can listen to your own wisdom, and translate that wisdom into intentional action and ways of being. 

New, Revised and updated edition

As many of you will know, for the last few years I have been offering out the Intentional Year Guidebook and this year it got a total refresh and redesign, with new sections, illustrations, audio recordings and more.

  • New digital edition- edit in a pdf version
  • Expanded review section
  • Revised and updated audio introductions
  • Additional resources for clarifying intentions around 6 key life areas: health, career, spirit & creativity, financial, community and family/ relationships.
  • New illustrations and layout
  • Routine and Daily rituals section
  • 12 monthly check in & reflection pages to use throughout the year.

So before moving into 2022, as a way of steading, the guidebook will take you back over this year, asking you to sense into the things you may need to release, grieve, acknowledge  while also giving space for the insights you seek to carry onwards. How might you lay your own guidelines for helping to steer you back to course and remind you of what matters in your own centre? What does your future self wish for you? And what will will be your support structure to offer scaffolding as you live your way there. These are just a few of the questions the guide will navigate you onwards. 

I hope you find it all a nourishing process, filled with sweet wisdoms from your own heart and ballast for journey ahead. 

Onwards, with love



Intentional Year Guidebook 2022- What’s Involved

The Guidebook is and intention setting process designed in five parts 

Grounding, Reviewing, Sensing, Becoming, Sustaining. 

Each part contains a combination of writing, meditation and creative practices.

Part One- Grounding:
In which you will be invited to clear some space, externally and internally, find some stability within, and capture your learnings and insights from the past year. 

Grounding questions
Finding Stillness Audio Meditation
2020 Review- journal prompts



Part Two- Reviewing: In which you look back for insights and learning on 2021

Looking back & taking stock prompts
Page of gratitudes
Ritual of Release




Part Three- Sensing:
This is all about tuning in with your highest future self, through creative visualisation and ‘future writing’. 

Questing and Questions
An Introduction to Future Writing
Accessing your Future Self
Letter from the Near Future
Bonus Practice: Create your Imram



Part Four- Becoming:
 This is where you will clarify your core intentions, articulate your priorities and think through the scaffold or support structure to help keep you close to your highest self for the year ahead.

Refining Core Intentions
Selecting your word for the year
Priority Projects & Mapping the Year Ahead




Part Five- Sustaining- Rituals, Accountability and Monthly check ins and learning pages to sustain your practice. 

Daily Ritual and Routines
Support Structures
Accountability Partners
Making intentions visible
Final blessing – plus audio






How I’m offering the guidebook: 

One of the things I love about living in West Cork is the abundance of honesty boxes. People grow their own vegetables, then leave them in little shelters by the roadside, with a box beside them,  trusting that a payment will be made in exchange for the home-grown produce. There is no guarantee that this will always be honoured, but it is an invitation to trust.I have decided to offer the guidebook again this year on the same principle.


So this my invitation to you to make a contribution to honour the time, skill and experience I have put into creating this- my version of home-grown produce, while also honouring the time and energy you give to it and your own current financial situation.  The honesty box is experiment in trust, reciprocity, generosity and relationship.When you invest, you will also be investing your energy, and your investment helps me to continue to develop my work, making it available and accessible to others. The materials I share have been refined and tested, and come from my own personal practice. All artwork, illustrations and design are my own.
If you are unsure about what to offer, think of what you would pay for the equivalent of a yoga workshop, or a self-led home day retreat. If you are low on money at the moment, then offer a lower amount. If money is not such a challenge for you right now, then perhaps offer a little more.If you’d like to share the guidebook with others, please direct them to this honesty box (PayPal Me link), asking them to make their own contribution and download directly.

Honesty Box Payment Process:

Step One: 

Make a payment contribution via PayPal Me- the link below takes you there. Payment in multiple currencies accepted. When you have made the payment, return to this page for step two below.


Step Two: 

Once you have made an honesty box payment… click on the link below. The files (all in one folder )will download  automatically (check your downloads folder)

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(8 files in total- a pdf of the full colour guidebook, a low ink version of the guidebook and 6 audio recordings, stored in dropbox)

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 Thank you, and enjoy,Onwards, with love,Clare. x