Intentional Year 2019




As we stand on the threshold of one calendar year to the next, the threshold is both an invitation and a doorway. It offers us space to reflect, recalibrate and concentrate our attention and intention on the life we constantly choose to step into.

As you enter 2019, why not take some some time to listen inwards so as to clarify your own intentions for the year ahead.

Intentions differ from goals in that they connect us to our higher self. They are not about reprimanding us or diminishing us, but instead are tools to help us continually connect with the best in ourselves.

In this online workshop you’ll be guided through a series of intention setting and planning exercises so as to tap into your own inner guidance and wisdom. Together we’ll work our way through the Intentional Year planner, and have a chance to share and learn with others in the circle.

  • Get clear on your 2019 vision
  • Prioritise your projects in your personal and professional life.
  • Come away feeling connected to yourself and your potential,
  • And have created a plan to follow through.


This January I’ll be hosting the workshop twice- on 6th Jan and on 12th Jan– so you can pick a time that suits.

Each workshop takes place on Zoom and will be recorded and shared. Come in your comfy clothes, bring a journal and some coloured pens, and have a bit pot of tea on the go. 


Book your place today.

Choose either Sunday 6th  Jan or  Saturday 12th Jan

Fee: €65


Sunday 6th Jan : 4pm- 6.30pm Irish Time  (8am PST/ 11am EST/ 5pm CET) 

Saturday 12th Jan: 4pm- 6.30pm Irish Time  (8am PST/ 11am EST/ 5pm CET)