January Questions and the celtic season of ‘active waiting’

lay of the land 2016-17


Slowly, slowly, the days are getting longer. The predominate culture at this time of year tells us to go faster, do more, get fit, push harder. But look outside- the trees are bare, the ground is preparing for new growth, the wildlife has slowed to a rhythm which respects renewal. But underneath the surface, there is an active waiting for the right timing.

It’s not dormancy- it’s receptivity.

In the celtic system, we are in this feminine phase of ‘active waiting’, fine tuning our receptivity radar to be alert to callings and new growth while tending to that which serves renewal. The feminine is dream space, depth space, ‘out-of-time’ space. It’s in all of us, male or female, and it has the capacity to tap us into our innate underground source of creativity, and from there springs forth the channel on which we can travel onwards. Time to journal, time to have conversations with your intentions, time to open your heart to your inner world of knowing….

So, two questions as you move through these early weeks of January:

‘What are you ready to receive?’ and…

‘How can you actively participate in your own unfolding?’.



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