The 12 Paradigms of Creative Leadership

Over the years I have interviewed and worked with hundreds of social entrepreneurs, creative leaders, changemakers and trailblazers. I asked myself, what do these people have in common and can a set of behaviours and skills which they exhibit be learned systematically.

I realised, yes, there are lots of commonalities, and yes, they are all learned behaviours. In looking at these traits I also realised that they fall into a pattern, which I call ‘The 12 Paradigms of Creative Leadership’.

  • Presence
  • Perspective
  • Purpose
  • Power
  • Pattern Identification
  • Passion
  • Play
  • Process
  • Possibility thinking
  • Planning
  • Practices

See Deeper: Act Bolder is about equipping you with these skills and providing you with a reflective framework for learning and leading- or, as the educationalist and creativity expert Ken Robinsion would describe it, enabling you to ‘have a system and a way of doing it’.