Is a One Wild Life Course for you?

A One Wild Life course is for you if you want to:

  • Dive deeper and more mindfully into your passions and potential
  • Cataylse your creative leadership
  • Learn about the creative process and experience more of your innate creative abilities
  • Nurture yourself and boost your creative wellbeing
  • Clarify your creative visions for business and life
  • Unblock or get out of a creative rut
  • Connect to and harness your infinite inner resources, visions, dreams and desires.
  • Take action on goals and plans
  • Let go of believing you are not creative
  • Practice being courageous, open, adventurous and joyful
  • Meet other like-minded creatives
  • Discover new tools and practices for leading your own one wild life

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I would highly recommend Clare as a talented facilitator and an inspiring teacher with an excellent reputation for her professionalism, knowledge and engaging personality.- Anne Louise O'Donovan