Live a New Story: Writing in the Time of Corona

We are living through a monumental time in human history. The story of who we are and where we are heading is changing rapidly.

Throughout time, stories have offered us a way to make meaning and orientate ourselves to the challenges and opportunities which are unfolding. We are in the midst of re-writing our future, and we get to choose which story we want to live onwards.

But at times the rate and scale of change can seem overwhelming. It can be hard to focus and ground. We may feel anxious, or isolated. Writing, as ever, provides a way for us to land into our thoughts and ourselves, and can help us make meaning of what we are in and where we are heading. To support you, I am hosting a live online retreat, spread a weekend, with 4 live sessions, writing practice and community support.

1-3 May- Live Online

Find out more and book online here.