Setting out on any creative endeavour- whether that be stepping into your next leadership role, starting out on a new career path, writing the book you have always wanted to write, or setting up your own business can be a lonely and daunting path, and also one of the most transformational experiences you can have- inwardly and outwardly.

This deep transformation and lasting change takes time. It requires shifts in thinking to uncover patterns and habits which may be holding you back and it requires honest inner work to align with your purpose and power. It also takes practice.

Which is why having someone to accompany you on your creative and entrepreneurial journey is such a valuable thing.

Let’s get together…

Over a 4+ month process we will partner up building a trusting relationship to bring your purpose and vision to life.

This is one to one mentoring, tailored to your needs.

We will create a deep listening, safe, confidential space to explore your next bold moves. We will combine inner work with a bias towards taking action and learning by doing. We will iterate, prototype and create the conditions for you to align with your purpose and make progress, step by intentional step.

Over the course of our partnership will cover:

  • Purpose: Refine your ‘why’, align with your purpose and create a vision for your future.
  • Values: Design your life and business to honour your core values
  • Voice: Get clear on your story, message, brand and project(s)
  • Power: Maintain momentum to prototype, build and sustain your ideas with regular accountability and check-ins.

What you’ll need in a partner…

  • You’ll need someone you can trust, who will show up with honestly, integrity and in partnership and mutual respect.
  • You’ll need someone with tools and skills which can be tailored to your needs.
  • You’ll need someone with experience in the creative and entrepreneurial fields.
  • You’ll need someone who will journey with you for the long haul, through the ups and the downs, and who is committed to your vision.


I believe in the power of being ‘witnessed’ for dreams, ideas, visions and plans to be given voice in safe and supportive environments. I also believe the power of action and taking steps to bring those dreams into reality. My mentoring process has been developed from 20+ years of working in leadership development, education and in the social and creative entrepreneurial space. It combines tools from design thinking, navigating the creative process, yoga and meditation, and social entrepreneurial innovation- Clare


Long term mentoring with me is for you if:

  • If you are seeking a long-term mentoring relationship and appreciate that lasting change takes time and commitment
  • Willing to dive deep and engage in honest and open inquiry
  • Crave the time and space to think through and plan your next stage of life and business.
  • Want practical support with your project or business

These are the type of people I have worked with before: 

  • A Learning and Development specialist seeking his next career role
  • A yoga teacher seeking to establish her own yoga studio
  • A secondary school teacher eager to expand her career opportunities
  • A corporate lawyer mapping the next stage of her life
  • A retired academic seeking to re-invent himself
  • A writer seeking to create online learning programmes
  • An artist seeking to develop a series of workshops and retreats

What they all share is a desire to go deep, a willingness to prototype their next moves and a firm committing to showing up knowing that it is all a long-term process.



Mentoring Package 

  • Preliminary call to see if we are a good fit with each other.
  • Initial 2 hour deep dive/ vision mapping session
  • 1 hour zoom session every two- three weeks for accountability and on-going support.
  • Email check-ins
  • Worksheets and  assignments.


€1200 for 6 sessions. Installments by arrangement.



“Working with Clare has been transformative  – both personally and professionally. I think as creatives, we often feel so lucky to do the thing we love, that making money often comes secondary, if at all. I’ve worked with Clare for the past couple of years and she has helped me to turn my thinking and my business around.

In essence Clare has helped me to think more clearly and more strategically – to put good, attainable goals in place, to get organised and ultimately to take care of myself – financially, physically and mentally. I am beyond grateful for the guidance and support. Being completely honest, engaging Clare was a stretch for me financially but it is some of the best money I have ever spent. I feel sure Clare’s advice has helped me to side step ‘burn out’. I refer to our ‘lessons’ daily – it keeps me on track and purposeful – and has helped me get a lot more work / life balance and reinvigorated my painting practice. I could not recommend Clare highly enough.”- Cora Murphy, Artist.


‘In the 12 or so weeks of working with Clare I experienced a whole new way of looking at my career and outlook on what i wanted to do and be. When we began I was unsure of where I stood professionally and in particular, where my values lay, what really mattered.

Having completed the process I have emerged in a much clearer and more confident person and am clearer about what I should and should not be doing. There have been real changes in my life. I would recommend this to anyone seeking to bring about change in their professional lives’- Dr. Owen O’Brien, Academic and Entrepreneur. 
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‘Clare helped me navigate through my head full of ideas that was experiencing overwhelm and therefore lack of clarity. With clever probing questions, Clare helped me get it all out onto (her infamous roll of) paper where I could see patterns, preferences and passions more clearly. I loved that Clare left me with some simple assignments and tools so that I could develop new patterns of working and explore and manage my creative ideas further on my own with confidence. I found the accountability to Clare afterwards really helpful in keeping me focused and on track also, something often missing from the professional development of a freelancer! Finally, I am so grateful to Clare for providing a safe and supportive experience which allowed me to dive deep with confidence’- Sharon Hearne- Smith, Cookbook writer, TV Host and Food Stylist. 
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‘Clare’s creative intuition is brilliant to work with. Her wisdom is both immensely practical and deeply insightful, never failing to offer a new perspective, tool, or the right question to move you forward on your creative journey.  Working with Clare means being supported to hold bigger questions whilst also being challenged to be more authentic and open in allowing answers to emerge’- Ronan Lynagh, 2017, Leadership Facilitator and Entrepreneurial Educator
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“My sessions with Clare has been as insightful as all of my previous work with her. She facilitates me in asking the big questions of myself; what it is that brings me joy, who do I want to serve, how do I want to serve, how does my great joy interlap with the world’s great need?
Clare facilitates you in reflecting on your true hearts offering and therefore to serve the world with clarity and intention. She brings in practical advice on money, pricing, and sustainability – which can all be easily ignored in a giving profession such as Yoga.
Clare keeps a strong perspective on how you want to live your life, not just how you want to run your business. To get to the place you want to be in, I would hugely recommend seeking her  guidance, vision and facilitation. She allows you to see the big picture, the aerial shot of your life, and then helps you draw an elegant map through the sometimes rough terrain of entrepreneurship.”

Máirín O’Grady, Yoga Teacher, Writer and Retreat Host.

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‘I did some one to one sessions with Clare over the course of 3 months.  What stood out the most to me was the benefit of set tasks and accountability, getting some direction and awakening a spark of motivation towards bringing ideas to life.  I found Clare’s interactions with me reassuring and positively reinforcing.’
– Naomi Sturdy, Yoga Teacher and Podcast Host
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“Clare has been a companion on the journey to find my voice and light in the midst of a busy period. I came to Clare with questions around a possible professional transition and she guided me through deeper questions, helping me see that I needed that internal clarity before I could take steps in the outside world. We slowly unblocked some fears, gently allowing the creative flow to come back. A few months later, I am still working on some of the initial challenges that I came to Clare with but I can feel that how I see myself has changed, which changes how I see those challenges. I probably learnt as much from Clare herself than from the process. Clare has a joyful and intuitive presence that were very inspiring for me. She adapted to my moods (and levels of overwhelming), welcoming whatever was coming up and often managed to bring laughter into our conversations. I remember feeling energized and inspired after our conversations, and thinking to myself that if I were a coach, I would like to be like Clare!”. – Caroline Bodelec, Technologist and Shamanic Drum maker. *yes this combination exists!
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‘Working with Clare was an opportunity for me to create a very special reflection space. It was precious time spent figuring out my craft and how I could articulate it to others in a way that sounded like me. Clare tuned in quickly to my way of working and was therefore able to challenge me skillfully whenever I may have felt resistance and very safely accompanied me through the journey of change and growth- Amel Yacef, Trainer and Facilitator.