We are living through a monumental time in human history. The story of who we are and where we are heading is changing rapidly. 

Throughout time, stories have offered us a way to make meaning and orientate ourselves to the challenges and opportunities which are unfolding. We are in the midst of re-writing our future, and we get to choose which story we want to live onwards. 

But at times the rate and scale of change can seem overwhelming. It can be hard to focus and ground. We may feel anxious, or isolated. Writing, as ever, provides a way for us to land into our thoughts and ourselves, and can help us make meaning of what we are in and where we are heading. To support you, I am hosting a live online retreat, spread a weekend, with 4 live sessions, writing practice and community support.


1-3 May- Live Online


Using journalling, sensory and meditative exercises and a series of writing prompts, you will be given tools to write a story of now, to help you navigate your way in these uncertain times. It will be a chance to connect with your words and wisdom, learn from others in community and harness the power of  story at this time.

This workshop is an adaptation of my regular one day ‘write a new story, live a new story’ workshop.


In this workshop you will:

  • learn the tool of life-mapping to begin to unpack and understand the story you are living at this time.
  • identify your core values, and discover ways these can support you now
  • Discover stories from you life which will help you build your resilience and wellbeing
  • examine the narrative lines which are have shaped you, including the challenges, learnings, skills, successes, mentors and guides along the way.
  • discover how to begin to weave narrative connections between your stories.
  • zoom out to gain perspective on the wider cultural narratives which are shaping you


There will be four live sessions in total, and an afternoon writing practice offline on Saturday 2nd.

Session One:

Friday 1st May. 6.30-8pm 

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • First writing practice 

Session Two: 

Saturday 2nd May: 10 am-12 noon

  • Power of story, story mapping and values 
  • Writing assignment- participants are given a writing exercise to work on during the afternoon 

Session Three: 

Saturday 2nd May: 6.30-8pm

  • Reading, reflection and evening contemplation

Session Four

Sunday 3rd May: 10 am-12 noon

  • Writing practice 
  • Reading and reflection
  • Navigating onwards
  • Readings and resources

Retreat Format

Sessions will be held on zoom- which so many of us have had to learn over these past weeks. If you are unfamiliar with the platform, do not worry. I will host a training session the day prior to the workshop so  you can familise yourself with the tool.

If you have already taken one of my one day workshops, you are welcome back this. Some of the tools I share will be the same, but applied in a new context, and adapted to the needs of this time. (I will also be launching a regular online writing circle for those who have already taken the one day workshop or online session. Watch this space)


I am offering the workshop on a sliding scale. Please choose a price tier which best reflects your current circumstances. If you are in a position to do so, please consider becoming a ‘Patron’ level supporter. Your ticket price will gift another place to someone else. 

Supported Price: €99 

Regular Price: €150 

Patron: €199*- Patron/ Gift a place to someone else. 


Payment is made via PayPal.


I am offering two scholarship places for the weekend. If there are additional ‘Patron’ level tiers purchased, these places will become available to others, on a waiting list basis.  If you would like to apply for the scholarship, please email me (clare@claremulvany.ie) 


Ticket conditions: Please note that tickets are non-refundable and are only valid for this online workshop.