Online Poetry Salon




Online Poetry Salon

A place to gather, close to the heart. 

Online, every Friday in March and April 2020, 7-8pm GMT

In this time of great turbulence and change, what does poetry offer to us? Could it land in our homes and hearts, as buttress, balm or bridge? Perhaps it could help us to listen differently, giving us a glimpse into new ways of seeing and being, so we can figure out where we have come from, and ways of navigating from here.

Given were we are at now, I’d love to invite you, virtually, into my living room, for an online poetry salon. I’ll have the fire lit. Bring a poem which brings you alive in some way, or speaks to this moment. Perhaps there a poem about to connection and belonging which you think is fitting right now, or a poem which offers some comfort.

If you’d like to just come along and listen, that too is fine. There is no obligation to read.

If you are joining and have a chance, please drop me a line so I have a sense of numbers. Thank you.

Our salon space: 

We will gather in Zoom- an online platform. You will need to have downloaded this software in advance, and please test your microphone and speakers.

Here is the link:


Honesty Box

I am offering this out with an honesty box attached. If you are in a position to support the continuation of this work, and the development of further resources, I’d welcome a contribution to the evening.

You can use this Paypal link here:


Many thanks, hope to see you virtually soon!


Clare. x