The blank page. One of the most inviting, most intriguing and scariest places I know. Here is where I face myself- the layers of self, the multiplicities, and write myself forward.

It is the place I go to find a pocket of communion with the inner world- the access point to the creative stream, the clarity before intentional action, the place from which the future can grow. It is a re-wiring and re-writing of the story I’m living out. The place of re-invention, of renewal.

When I don’t know where to begin, I ask the page, ‘Who am I today’, and the page responds with the unfolding.

It’s a question I offer to you too. If you are stuck, if you want to begin a journalling practice, or if the blank page is beckoning, you can ask, ‘Who am I today’? And see where the words take you. Then tomorrow, ask again. And the next day, and the next…

As we practice, so we become.