Nature teaches us that smallness and delicacy are intricate to the very fabric of creation. Through the filagree threads of veins and chlorophyll filled cells, life flows. Every healthy eco-system relies on the rightful place of those who take up their position. From the giants of the forest canopy to the microscopic mycelium, every element has a role to play. Wholeness is constituted in parts.

Yet, like so many things out of balance, our social, political, and economic systems have been predicated on the idea of scale, infinite growth and power ‘over’ rather than power ‘with’. One glance at the headlines will tell you how we are going with this. In short: not well.
I think it is time to reclaim the power of small.

Small means using less, buying local. It means looking for solutions in the margins. Small can squeeze into gaps, plug holes, turn quickly, change direction, pivot fast. Small is the handcrafted, the bespoke, the individually tailored, the limited edition. It’s tending to a close network of intimate friends. It’s deep connection. It’s seeing the beauty in the detail. It’s realising that the resources to keep producing in the way that we have been are not infinite. Small is acting on a knowing that we are stronger, together, then focusing our time and attention on where we can best make a difference.

So, if you are feeling ‘small’ today, how might that be a good thing? How can you use it to your advantage? And what might you notice and catalyse from here?

Remember: a small pebble can have a big ripple effect and the beginnings of a garden are in the seeds.