Intentional Year 2020 Guidebook



As we stand on the threshold of one calendar year to the next, the threshold is both an invitation and a doorway. It offers us space to reflect, recalibrate and concentrate our attention and intention on the life we constantly choose to step into. This guidebook is designed to support you to listen inwards, tune in with your highest potential and articulate clear intentions and refined actions for the coming year. 

39 pages of journal prompts, audio meditations, visualisations, creative practices, reflections and planning tools. 


You can listen to the introduction letter from the guidebook here to get a sense of the contents… 



How this guidebook came about:

I enjoy the quiet, transitional time between Christmas and New Year. After the whirl of the seasonal rush and before entering January, I love to take some time and space to reflect on the year that was, and tune into my intuition and longings. It is a chance to dream, learn, grow, create, and visualise the future I am seeking to live into. In many ways it has become a ritual of mine. Sometimes I do the dreaming process alone, but mostly I invite a small circle of friends and we gather for a day to work through the materials together. We light candles, journal, go on walks, meditate and support each other to believe in the highest possibilities for one another. It is a glorious, enriching time. Throughout the year we then check-in with each other, usually around the rhythms of the Celtic seasons- the equinoxes and solstices-  to see how the year is unfolding and remind each other of the intentions we are holding. 

This method has been transformational for me. I have felt the effects hugely in my own life, from giving myself permission to trust my heart’s desires and intuition, to helping me zoom out and have a longer, deeper perspective on what is meaningful in my life. It has supported me to cultivate and appreciate more of what brings me alive, including developing the relationships and support structures to help me to stay on track and gently nudge me back when I feel I have wandered. 

This guidebook is a version of this visualisation and planning process. The techniques and tools take an approach based on intention setting rather than resolutions, and have been gathered over the years through a range of practices and disciplines from yoga and meditation, to design thinking, creative leadership, and cognitive science.

A two years ago I shared the first version of this guide, and have been iterating it each year, refining it based on my own learning, and feedback from people who have been using the guide too. It has been a beautiful, organic process, and I am grateful to continue to develop and expand it each year. 

What’s Included: 


You will be guided through three movements, or sections, to aid your reflections:

Grounding, Sensing, Becoming.

Each movement contains a combination of writing, meditation and creative practices, and includes a bonus practice.


Part One- Grounding: In which you will be invited to clear some space, externally and internally, find some stability within, and capture your learnings and insights from the past year. 

  • Welcome audio letter
  • Finding Stillness Audio Meditation
  • 2019 Review- journal prompts
  • The Enough Inventory and the Joy Inventory
  • Bonus Practice: A Note of Thanks (a gratitude writing practice)

Part Two- Sensing: This is all about tuning in with your highest future self, through creative visualisation and ‘future writing’. 

  • An Introduction to Future Writing
  • Accessing your Future Self- An Audio visualisation
  • Letter from the Near Future
  • Refining Core Intentions
  • Bonus Practice: Create your Imram (A Nature Quest)

Part Three- Becoming: This is where you will clarify your core intentions, articulate your priorities and think through the scaffold or support structure to help keep you close to your highest self for the year ahead. 

  • Priority Projects
  • Mapping the Year Ahead
  • Support Team & Accountability Partner
  • Blessing from your Future Self
  • Bonus Practice: Making your Intentions Visible.

How much time do you need? 

I have designed this guidebook so it can be completed in about four hours, or over the course of a couple of evenings. However, you may want to create your own home retreat, clearing a full day to dive deeply into the process. I suggest a sample day retreat schedule, including bonus creative practices. You may choose to do this alone, or invite a circle of friends to join you for the day (which can be such a treat!)

If you are short on time, at a minimum I recommend completing the ‘Sensing’ practices in part two, particularly the ‘future writing’ exercises.


How I’m offering the guidebook: 

One of the things I love about living in West Cork is the abundance of honesty boxes. People grow their own vegetables, then leave them in little shelters by the roadside, with a box beside them,  trusting that a payment will be made in exchange for the home-grown produce. There is no guarantee that this will always be honoured, but it is an invitation to trust.

I have decided to offer the guidebook this year on the same principle.

So this my invitation to you to make a contribution to honour the time, skill and experience I have put into creating this- my version of home-grown produce, while also honouring the time and energy you give to it. It is experiment in trust, reciprocity, generosity and relationship.

When you invest, you will also be investing your energy, and your investment helps me to continue to develop my work, making it available and accessible to others.

The materials I share have been refined and tested, and come from my own personal practice.

If you are unsure about what to offer, think of what you would pay for the equivalent of a yoga workshop, or a self-led home day retreat (which essentially this is)

If you are low on money at the moment, then offer a lower amount. If money is not such a challenge for you right now, then perhaps offer a little more.

If you’d like to share the guidebook with others, please direct them to this honesty box (PayPal Me link), asking them to make their own contribution and download directly.


Honesty Box Payment Process: 

Step One: 

Make a payment contribution via PayPal Me- the link below takes you there. Payment in multiple currencies accepted). When you have made the payment, return to this page for step two below.


Step Two: 

Once you have made a payment…

click on this link to download the guidebook

(5 files in total- a pdf of the guidebook, and 4 audio recordings, stored in dropbox)

Should you encounter any technical difficulties with the payment or download, please email:



Thank you, and enjoy,

Onwards, with love,

Clare. xx