How Getting Clear Changes Everything… Because, It’s Time. 

West Cork Whale Watch June 2017-24

Did you all see Oprah’s speech on the Golden Globes last night? WOW. Now, there’s a woman in her glorious power, there is a woman who embodies fierce grace, there is a woman who stands phenomenally in her own fullness and realises that when she shines, she gives permission for other’s to shine too.

This is clarity. This is intention. This is purpose. This is the sacred dance of light and life.

I know Oprah get’s it: that it’s time. 

It’s time for women to shine. It’s time for men to join in the chorus of the feminists and shine alongside them. It’s time for the creative spirit of feminine leadership to rise and shape how we do politics and power, culture and the commons.

Because, by God, it’s about bloody time. That means for me. That mean’s for you too. Yes, I mean it, for all of us. It’s time.

I want to share this personal story with you: curled up by the fire, with my blank pages and intention sheets spread out across the rugs, something deep inside of me had a massive re-configuration over the New Year. In all it can be summarised also as ‘It’s time’.

That means – it is time for me to do the big work that I have been sensing in me for years, it’s time to let my inner light to really shine, it’s time to not let the (perceived) judgements of others prevent me from creating what I want to create or serving in the way I sense I am to serve. It’s also time to stop making excuses for myself, or blaming my thighs, or blaming the way my jumpy brain works, because well, that is not serving anyone- the blame-especially me. This is my one wild and precious life after all, and I want to show up in fullness to this crazy beautiful world which I have the privilege of being a part of.

I’m not saying it is always easy, it’s not. To do the big work we have to look hard in the mirror and ask some big questions, namely:

Who I am being called to be? 


When we go deep into that question we find that the clue to unravel it is in the ‘be’ .

And when we give ourselves permission to go there- to our beingness– what we find is a great, infinite, connected, wondrous, and powerful self- because that self is already deep inside us, and has been all along. This insight gives us the power to know that we are already good enough, worthy enough and talented enough.  (And, for sure, Oprah lives this).

Knowing this, we can then get to the next set of questions;

  • What am I being called to do? 
  • What do I have to let go of?
  • How am I willing to enter the arena? 
  • How can I really and sustainably resource myself? 
  • And how can I let my intention and attention lead the way? 

You see, the ‘I’ here not small i , it is large ‘I’ -the infinite ‘I’.  It is the ‘I’ which is connected intrinsically to all beings. In understanding this, the ‘I’ is also ‘we’ …

You’ll note that Oprah said in her speech last night

‘When you speak your truth, it is the greatest power we have’

Oprah for the win!


New Year's Day 2018-34
So, yes, I’ve been looking in the metaphorical mirror too and asking some of these questions. It means that things are undergoing change around here, and I wanted to share some with you now.

Internally, my biggest intention is to nurture positive interior space’ – which essentially means shifting the way I speak to myself- less self judgement, more self compassion.

There are two tools which I know work really well in supporting this:

  • Firstly a regular meditation practice– to create space to tap into the inner infinite.
  • and secondly, the cultivation of a stronger relationship with the future self, the higher self, than to the past self or critical self. This involves developing regular rituals, practices and resources which keep the higher vision alive and clear.

It’s all a work in progress (as always), but what is really clear is that keeping the vision alive is very much a practice which requires daily top up whether that is through journalling, yoga, nature walks, sitting meditation or visualisation.

Then there are the external shifts. And here’s how clarity is changing things for me over the coming year(s)….

Firstly, I’ll be staying on living in West Cork and starting to create immersive learning experiences here for others to engage with the creative and transformative power of this place. There will be solo writing retreats, writing retreats for those who want to bring books out into the world, and there will be creative leadership retreats. I’m just finalising dates and prices, but announcements coming soon. (how exciting is this!)

I’ll be continuing the Living Seasonally online courses, four per year, to honour the wisdom of turning to the seasons and the momentum which is embedded into the celtic cycles (The Spring Edition starts Feb 3rd).

I’ll host a weekly community yoga class in Schull (for practice is power, and community is key)

And my coaching/ mentoring work is shifting too. I’ll be developing some group courses and resources online, and my one-to-one work is also more focused.With that in mind, I have taken a long look at my business model, and for things to be sustainable, it’s also clear that I had to raise my prices. So, you’ll this reflected in the new Clarity Sessions package.. So, if you know it’s your time too, and you’d like some support to map out your internal and external intentions, now is a good time to book in.

And then off course, there are books, always the books 🙂 So I am crafting the space to finish Home on the Wild Edge and start the next…

So, folks, clarity- it’s changing, everything. 


In some part of your life, it’s time too.. 

Time to speak up.

Time to stop holding back.

Time to let go.

Time to hold on.

Time to forgive.

Time to surrender.

Time to do your big work.

Time to step up.

Time to love like you have never loved before.

Let’s do this. Because, you’ve guessed it, it’s time ….

clarity-sessions-rgbThe Clarity Sessions

Would you like to work one to one with me?

The Clarity Sessions are designed to get you clear on your own inner and outer intentions and follow up with focused action.

Let’s give this a month…

Taking bookings now.




PS. I’ve loved Oprah for years but now she is orbiting new levels! So yes, Oprah for President! And is she eligible to run for Presidency in Ireland?!!



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January Questions and the celtic season of ‘active waiting’

lay of the land 2016-17


Slowly, slowly, the days are getting longer. The predominate culture at this time of year tells us to go faster, do more, get fit, push harder. But look outside- the trees are bare, the ground is preparing for new growth, the wildlife has slowed to a rhythm which respects renewal. But underneath the surface, there is an active waiting for the right timing.

It’s not dormancy- it’s receptivity.

In the celtic system, we are in this feminine phase of ‘active waiting’, fine tuning our receptivity radar to be alert to callings and new growth while tending to that which serves renewal. The feminine is dream space, depth space, ‘out-of-time’ space. It’s in all of us, male or female, and it has the capacity to tap us into our innate underground source of creativity, and from there springs forth the channel on which we can travel onwards. Time to journal, time to have conversations with your intentions, time to open your heart to your inner world of knowing….

So, two questions as you move through these early weeks of January:

‘What are you ready to receive?’ and…

‘How can you actively participate in your own unfolding?’.



The Clarity Sessions are designed to help you get clear, get intentional and build the momentum to help you share your gift with the world.

One month of deep conversations, creative practices and follow up support.

If you have some wisdom to share with the world, and you know it is time, but are seeking some space to dream, plot and plan and then these sessions are for you.

Find out more here. 


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