A Furry Kind of Vision


Milly -6


Dreams can manifest themselves in multiplicitous ways. Sometimes they may be big ones, or sometimes small. But whenever one of your long held dreams comes true it can seem like a miraculous thing. I’ve had one particular dream for a very long time which happens to be furry.

Since as long as I can remember I have wanted a dog. In vision boards, visualisations, and when day dreaming of future times there has always been a furry friend at my side. I have visualised us walking on the beach, playing in the sands, exploring the wilds and cozying by a fire. I have imagined doggie companionship as I work at my desk or go about my daily tasks. However, the timing of me getting my own dog never seemed right and the commitment felt too huge. Could I really take care of another being? What would that mean for my travel and work plans? Will it restrict me? Taking on a dog is a huge commitment and until this point having one of my own seemed like a commitment I could not quite make.

But things can change quickly. Last year the little and lovely Finn came along- my housemate’s dog who I readily adopted as my own, loved as my own, and treated as my own. However, she was never quite my own and the longing in me to have my own little creature grew. So I knew it was time… I dreamed it up again and started searching. Last December the search resulted in Milly, and as I write this she is sitting by my side.

It is been a full on few months with a new little puppy- at times very challenging but mostly amazing. She is so very sweet and a lively little thing, full of love and huge personality. But she has also shifted things; my work pattern and the demands on my time, and has tested my patience at other times too!

It reminds me that our dreams and visions aren’t always pretty packages (although in fairness, Milly is pretty high on the cute scale!) . Dreams take effort, engagement, work and often patience. They can test us and challenge us and expose parts of ourselves which we have not necessarily explored before. A vision is there to expand us into our possibility.

I’m glad I listened, and I am glad I responded too. Because now I have a little Milly, and a little Milly has me. Each day I get to know her better, and fall in love a little bit more. And for the challenging parts- we’ll figure it out. Together, and each with a wag in our tails.


Milly -2