The One Touch Productivity Method


Any creative and entrepreneurial people I know have many projects on the go. Juggling them all without letting balls fall is a constant challenge.

This is me too, with many projects happening simultaneously, with ideas swirling and with the distraction of phone/ internet/ social media (and dog!), how to stay focused and productive while delivering on projects and keeping my friendships alive and the doggie happy is something I am consistently working on. I have days where things flow and days when I am less focused. So when there is flow, I ask myself ‘What worked? What made the difference? And what can I repeat to continue the flow and productivity pattern?

A very simple trick I have come across recently is called ‘The One Touch Method’. I’d like to attribute where I came across this first, but can’t remember- on a blog or in a book. But to whoever it was- thank you.

The method is very simple and the premise is this: If you touch it, finish it.


So for example, if I begin an email to someone, finish it there and then. If I need to send a birthday card to someone, buy, write and post it, treating the task as a chunk. If I pick up a dirty cup, wash it there and then. Finish what you start.

Like now, when starting to write this post I set myself the target of finishing before starting into another task. To do so, I have disabled the internet and turned off my phone so that it is less likely I will be distracted (or tempted even by the thought of distraction). Having chunks of time to focus allows my brain to zone in on that one task and when it is complete it feels like closing a tab in my brain which I had been spending mental energy trying to keep open. I try to close as many tabs I can during the day, within the time allotted! (I use my creative planners to plot out my day and weeks)

As mentioned, there are days when I do this and things flow, while other days when I forget and inevitably I am less focused. Focus is as much a practice as a technique; it takes time to embed until these techniques become habit. So a dose of patience is good to add to the mix too.

So, that is my one touch method. Complete.

Have you any productivity tips you would like to share? If so, leave a comment below- I would love to hear them.

Clare x


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