yes I said yes I will yes


Today I took to the polls, for today a big Tá was in order. That was a yes to equality, a yes to diversity and a yes freedom of speech and expression. Mostly it is a yes to love, in whatever guise it comes in. For love is love. Love does not have a gender. Love does not have a moral conscience. Love is the gravitational force that keeps this all together. And when I say ‘all’, I mean all of us.

Today, thousands of Irish citizens have taken to the booths and a wave of emigrants have come back to the island, #hometovote. It is an emotional day, which thousands more have fought for and even given their lives for. Oscar Wilde has been on my mind today. I vote too to honour him. His legacy set a train in motion. Today it feels like a new threshold will be passed. Whatever happens when the results come in tomorrow, there has been a shift in consciousness. Equality has been redefined.

Cycling through the streets of Dublin over the last few days, meeting Yes canvasser after Yes canvasser, seeing people of all hues and colours wearing Yes stickers has made my heart burst open and a few tears be shed. We literally are reconstituting the world.

My heart is moved by all I cannot save:

so much has been destroyed

I have to cast my lot with those

who age after age, perversely,

with no extraordinary power,

reconstitute the world.” – Adrienne Rich.

And through the ordinariness of our lives, and through the power generated through our collective power, here we are, reconstituting.

yes I said yes I will yes.”