The Courage to Act: Poetry Salon

As we approach the turning point of the deep winter, snug to the fulcrum of the winter solstice, I invite you to listen inwards to find some stillness and pause in the coming days.

The final poetry salon of this Winter salon season, The Courage to Act,  is now available for you. You can listen here .

Across a spectrum of poets and readings, I share ideas of courage as belonging, we’ll cross the terrain of resistance poetry, we’ll broach the power of saying ‘No’, and I’ll bring you into the world of Kasala poetry, a Congolese form of praise poetry, with Maya Angelou at the helm. You’ll hear words from Padraig O’Tuama, Jackie Kay, Joy Harjo, Brendan Kennelley and Mary Oliver.

Since sharing these salons this month, I’ve had beautiful emails from listeners in far corners of the globe, some sending me poems which have passed their way, and turned them to new forms of comfort and delight. I’ve also had offers to host more poetry salons when I travel to California early next year, in peoples homes, with their own friends and community. I think that’s exactly poetry’s power- to build bridges, not walls, and to reach across oceans into hearts and homes.

Happy listening.


And some news… 


I have been in a creative warren all week, conjuring this year’s Intentional Year Guidebook, in an expanded and refined format. This is a guide to help you tune in with your highest self, and clarify your vision and intentions for the year to come… the start of a new decade and cycle of time.

Expect audio meditations, visualisations, an introduction to ‘future writing’, creative practices, journalling prompts, nature dialogues and planning tools.

I’m finalising details over the coming day, and will post information here.



Wishing you love and blessings for these solstice and Christmas days.


Clare. xx