The Metrics of Success


What does success look like, for you? 

This may at first seem like a simple question, but how often do we take time to re-evaluate the parameters and scope of our own definitions? 

So often success is measured through an accumulative lens. More and bigger are qualifiers for achievement. More productive. More wealth. More followers. More sales. Bigger everything. The linear and scaleable are what whole economies are measured in. Gross Domestic Product is a function of output, not sustainable processes. More and bigger do not capture depth, quality or equitable growth- for the earth and for ourselves. If not in check, it so easily becomes extractive and exploitative, at personal and social levels. 

So, what if we re-framed the metric, and therefore the question. 

Rather than reflecting on progress, we track process. 

So, rather than what did I do today, who am I becoming today? 

And some accompanying questions: 

Did I live into my values today? Did I honour the earth today? Did I attend to the sacred today? What did I give today, not just what did I gain? 


What if the measure of success was a measure of the quality of our relationships- reciprocal and replenishing, rather than extractive and depleting. 


When we expand these contemplations to our teams, communities, societies, what a different place of potential and enquiry we arrive into. 

Who are we becoming? Are we living into our values? What did we contribute? Did we regenerate resources? Did we attend to our relationships? 


Changing the metrics changes the outcome. 

What we pay attention to, grows. 


For me today: Did I swim? Did I ring my mother? Did I offer something of value? Did I attend to the unfolding of my gifts and talents? Did I let the sacred inform me?


What does success look like, for you?