The weekly check in

What are the insights to carry forwards? 

At the end of each week I take a few moments to review. Looking back at my weekly plan, I gauge where I am at by the end of the week taking into account progress, quality and learning. It’s one of the most valuable 30 mins of my week. Without pause, insights are lost, and it’s insights, not information, which drive learning and change. 

Essentially the process is a check-in on the key areas of life I’ve set out as most important. For me these currently are: health (physical and mental), career, core relationships, creativity, service/ community engagement, spirituality and nature stewardship.

Among the questions I ask at the end of the week are ones which try to harness the learning in both the high and low moments. I ask: How are my values being expressed. What are the key insights? And what is the learning to be carried over to next week (and beyond).

These questions help me see change and commitment over longer spans of time, and particularly help to put my voracious inner critic to rest for a while. I can track ‘progress’ in it’s full dimensions- not just in a linear growth model, but taking into account qualitatively and quantitatively  a range of motion.

It may sound like a lot of effort to do this, but I find it so liberating and gently of my system- releasing me from time-bound expectations of ‘success’, to slow, steady and consistent appreciation of how I am showing up to my deeper desires and purpose each week. I can track learning and commitment- which I find very satisfying, since one of my top 5 values is ‘learning’.

I’ve been relatively quiet online and in the wider world over the last few months. But behind the scenes, new products and services are brewing, including a planning system and design process to help others act consistently around what matters most, and it includes these weekly planning templates.  It is slowly and excitedly coming together as I build and test prototypes. I hope to have it all to you in 2022.

So, in the meantime, have you any questions you’d like me to answer about the weekly check-in?

And for yourself, a weekly prompt for you?

‘What key insights from the week can you carry over to the next’?

(An insight is an ‘aha’, a learning, a piece of information which helped you see or experience something differently, an inner knowing).