Thrive School

This is business and life as unusual, with added soul.

Thrive School is a different kind of school. One that helps you to accelerate your ideas, dreams and visions. It will tap you into your purpose and give you the skills and confidence to take your next steps.

Thrive School takes a creative approach that starts with YOU: your values, your vision, the way you want to live, and helps you to design your business, trade and lifestyle in alignment.

It is about finding focus, following through and having some fun along the way…

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Thrive School programmes are specifically designed for creative and social entrepreneurs, freelancers, makers, change makers, dreamers and doers- people who are ready to step into their power and purpose.

Choose to join a one day workshop, dive into a four month learning programme or gain clarity and moment via private coaching sessions.


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The world needs your creativity, your imagination, your vision, your ideas, your aliveness, your leadership, your voice, your spark. It is calling on you to thrive. 

Thrive School is a perfect setting to explore your dreams and unlock your potential”Thrive School participant, 2016


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One Day Intensives: Uncover and dive into your vision, values & power

Vision, evolve, launch & lead: The Full Thrive School Programme.

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Thrive School online coaching- one to one sessions