To protect the wild outside we must also protect the wild inside.
It is…  the urge to run against the grain; dance until our blood flows to faster; splash paint on open canvasses; swim naked in cold seas; write all night with only the moon as a guide; sit around camp fires letting tales and tears flow; wander the back roads getting lost over and over again; digging our hands deep into fertile soil; stargaze ourselves into nothing but awe; let the poems flow through us, the music and song too; and love with abandon every atom of that oak tree, and every sprig of greening too.
It is all that, to protect the wild. Plus…. it is a refusal to be tamed by forces which will profit from the repression of our expression, creativity, sexuality, diversity, identities and the essence of our humanness; our capacity to imagine and create from there.
And so it is that when we can let the wildness out we can let the wildness in too, until we realise we are all made of the same matter, after all, and we are bound together in this intricate and intimate choreography of wild-life.