What is the measure of a life well lived?

From my look out spot, some reflections:

What is the measure of a life well lived?

So often we measure our success based on our productivity, output or some external indicator which society places on us. This usually arrives as a ‘should’- ‘I should have more money by now, or more opportunities, or more X. I should be here in my career. I should be doing more’.

But ‘more’ is not an indicator of depth, value or lasting impact.

Instead, what if the measure of a life well lived was the quality of questions we lived into:

Am I learning?

Am I contributing to something which feels larger than myself?

Am I experiencing wonder?

Am I finding myself drawn into conversations which help me see things differently?

Does curiosity tap me on the shoulder and lead me down new paths?

Am I growing?

Does my heart break a little bit every day to crack me open to the real and raw?

Can my being here be a balm to another, and a friend to all beings, now and for the generations to come?


The right questions can lead to the right quests.