Winter Solstice Ritual: A guide to cultivating hope

Winter Solstice Ritual rgb

Hello to you on this December day.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere the days are short and the nights are long, but we are soon approaching the turning. Soon, the nights will shorten and the days will lengthen and the tide of the year will swing once again.

This cyclical turning of time was an integral part of the ancient celtic calendar. Marking the passage of time and the movement of the planets offered a clock based on the seasons. It gave markers for when it was time to rest, plant, tend, harvest and return to rest again. At eight points in the year, particular crossings or thresholds were celebrated, the Winter Solstice being an important one of them.

The was a celebration to both honour the dark and welcome the light. It was a time of pause, magic and mysticism- nowhere more evident in some of the architecture of the time, when the solstice winter light was magically tunnelled down passage tombs such as Newgrange, to illuminate an inner chamber within the tomb.

Christmas too has long been associated with magic. Santa, flying reindeer, presents left under trees are modern day embodiments of these ancient practices of honouring this time of year- a time of giving thanks, of joy, of hope and yes, magic. And yet, for many Christmas is a hard time, the financial pressures of an overly commercialised festival, the missing of loved ones and absent friends, or even the deeper struggles to find a home in the wider place in the world, can all be amplified at this time of year.

Switching on the global news headlines does not seem to help either- one would not be alone in giving oneself over to cynicism. Hope then, in these days of uncertainty and fear becomes even more powerful and more urgent.

But what does it mean to cultivate hope?

8573757001_3333ff64fc_oOne of the origins of hope is pause. To sit still in the fullness of our lives and give ourselves back to the magic of joy, generosity and to the dream of better days to come- for to be hopeful is to have belief in the possibilities of the future, as individuals and as a collective.

The word solstice itself comes from the Latin, meaning, Sol (sun) + Sistere (to stand still). And so, this reflective planner and these simple rituals are designed to help us do just that- to take some pause, to stand still for a few hours, to re-claim our dreams and in doing so cultivate our hope. They will help us to tune into our inner voice, power and wisdom at a time when we need it the most. This is my gift to you, as a way of supporting you to tune into the possibilities of magic and in doing so welcome the light into the inner chambers of your precious heart.


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Then, print off, carve some precious time, and enjoy the turning time.

In this practice you will be invited to: 

  • Honour the role of darkness in your life
  • Welcome in Magic and Synchronicity
  • Write a Letter from the Future
  • Create a Wreath of Intention
  • Craft your own Winter Blessing

Blessings for the Solstice,

Clare. x