Write to Your Truth: Online Circle


‘We make our lives bigger or smaller, more expansive or more limited, according to the interpretation of life that is our story. – Christina Baldwin, Storycatcher. 

Your story has power in it. 

When we can unravel and understand the threads of our story we have a tool for weaving a more intimate relationship with ourselves and the world. Story helps us connect with a deeper current of our lives, and when we learn to craft our stories, we learn also to tap into our voice, vision and power, so we can show up with more confidence and clarity to what is calling us next. 

And yet our stories tend to settle like sediment. The ones we tend regularly (the stories we tell others about, or the stories in our heads which we use to define ourselves) are the ones we feed. Below them are many layers. Hidden stories. Forgotten stories. Silenced stories. We can pick the ones at the top, but to get to the bottom, we must be willing to write our way through the layers and layers until we hit the gold. Once we are there, the stories on the top tend to make more sense again. We are all many layers deep.

Over this course will explore the power of story, narrative and writing to help navigate to our inner truth; our gold. It will provide engaging, creating tools and writing practices to explore personal narrative and sense-making, all through the exploratory tool of reflective writing. We will create a safe, lively circle for your writing to unfold and flourish. 


Over the course of eight weeks you will: 

  • explore the role of story in your own life
  • be introduced to a range of writing tools and creative practices for tapping into your story
  • have a chance to connect with a community of fellow writing explorers 
  • discover creative ways of tapping into memory, your senses and somatic (body) awareness. 
  • learn about the difference between journaling as a creative practice, and crafting your stories
  • develop writing as contemplative practice
  • Craft and edit your stories 
  • Have an opportunity to read and share your writing with others on the course

This course is for you if: 

  • Curious about writing memoir, creative non-fiction or personal story
  • Want to explore engaging ways to craft your own personal narratives 
  • Seeking space and time to discover your writing voice
  • Interested in using writing as a tool to connect with your inner wisdom, purpose and intuition

My approach

I take an intimate, personal approach to teaching. This is not just about sharing content, but building community, aliveness and motivation. Weekly course videos are recorded fresh, (not -pre-recorded) responding to content and writing which has been shared in the group. 



Each week includes. 

  •  Intro video explaining the theme of the week
  •  Two timed writing practices (by video, between 10 – 20 mins each)
  •  Weekly longer writing ‘homework’ 
  •  Weekly readings, meditations and poetry for inspiration
  •  Private online forum discussion. 

At the end of the course you will receive a full reading list and resources for on going exploration, and an opportunity to stay in touch with your writing cohort. 

This course is an investment in your writing, your story, your creative process. To honour your investment you’ll need to carve two hours a week for this process. 

Fresh content is shared on Saturday and Wednesday of each week. 

During the course there will be four live 90 min writing circle calls, conducted via Zoom. On these you will have a chance to read some of your writing, do some writing practice, and create connections with others on the course.

3.30- 5pm Irish Time ( 4.30-6pm CET) 

  • Sat 20th Oct  (opening circle) 
  • Sat 10th Nov (shared reading 1) 
  • Sat 1st Dec (shared reading 2) 
  • Sat 8th Dec (closing circle) 

‘If you want to change the world, change the story’- Joseph Campbell





‘To follow Story is to understand the path of healing. Each of our stories is a universe. Each one of us is living a story. To discover its shape and essence is essential to soul making’. – Deena Metzger


This course content has been developed through nearly 30 years of my own journalling and writing practice (I’ve been journalling since I was 11!), over 12 years of blogging, two published books and many online and in-print articles and essays.  I see my role as guide and facilitator, witness and writing champion. I don’t claim to have all the answers, or the only way. I believe that the space between us- both reader and writer- holds a special power, and can offer us answers when we lean into listen, learn and be inspired by each other. 





The Official Bio: A little more about your host… 

I’m a writer, creative mentor, story-teller and retreat host. I have an MSc in International Education from the University of Oxford and am the author of ‘One Wild Life- A Journey to Discover People who Change our World’, published by Collins Press. I have been a lecturer in English Literature at China’s top university, Peking University, and a founding member of Suas- one of Ireland’s leading educational non-profits where I lead a leadership programmes in India and Kenya. I later went on to co-found The Trailblazery- an organisation which hosts cutting edge TED-style talks in inspiring venues around Ireland and which has been broadcast on RTÉ and The Washington Post.

As a storyteller, my craft was honed as an international documentary photographer when my camera led me to tell stories for social change organisations from Eastern Africa, Asia and as far away as the Pacific Islands. I am is also the founder of Wild Edge Retreats hosting writing and leadership retreats in West Cork. Alongside this, I am is a classically trained hatha yoga teacher and teach regular classes and workshops.

I’m a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland awardee and The Irish Times named me as one of Ireland’s 60 most creative people.

I live in Schull, West Cork, often seen swimming in the sea, while me little dog waits on shore for me to return.


Course Fee, including 4 live writing circle calls

Cost: €379


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How much time will it take? 

I recommend setting aside about 2 hours per week. If you choose to join the live calls also, you’ll need an additional 90mins on those weeks (four calls in total). Of course, this programme is designed to catalyse your writing, so some weeks you may want to spend longer diving into your stories… that’s all up to you. 

What if I can’t make the live calls? 

Live calls will be recorded and shared, so you will be able to look back on them. During these calls I will not be sharing fresh content but will be hosting reading circles. All the main content will be in the shared videos.

How do I sign up? 

Registration and payment is via the Ruzuku learning platform. Payment is made via Stripe. Payment is in Euros. 

Do I need to share my writing or read aloud? 

No, not at all. But at certain points it will be encouraged. You only share what you want to share.

How much personal feedback will I receive? 

There will be a chance for personal feedback on the live calls. We work in the spirit of encouragement and praise, highlighting what is ‘popping’ in your piece. Kindness and compassion are our two of our grounding virtues. Additional one to one coaching will be available to participants at a special rate. 

How long will I have access to the materials? 

You’ll be able to access all the material on the Ruzuku site. The live forum will remain open for a few weeks after the course. 

I don’t consider myself a writer. Is this course for me? 

We all learners here, and writing is a practice. This is for beginners and more ‘advanced’ writers, as much it is about sharing tools and practices, is also about creating a safe, encouraging writing circle 

I have taken your in-person ‘Write to Your Truth’ workshop with you before. How will this different? 

We will be covering some similiar content, but over a longer period, so you’ll be able to review, edit, craft and develop your skill in more details. There will also be additional readings, more time on the ‘life-mapping’ component, and a fresh community. 

How do I access the course materials? 

Course materials are accessed via an online private learning platform 

What is your refund policy? 

Once you sign up, refunds are not available, so I encourage you to get in touch in advance if you have any questions about the course. Please consider if you can make time available each week for you to benefit from the materials.



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Autumn/ Winter 2018

Oct 20th- Dec 8th

8 weeks of writing practice
4 live calls

Cost: €379



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