Write to Your Truth

Discover the Power in Your Story


In this one day workshop you will:

Learn tools to unpack and understand your life stories.
Explore creative ways to tap into memory and awareness.
Create a ‘story map’ to help you navigate your life experiences & weave narrative connections between your stories.
Come away with new writing practices for ongoing creative discovery.


‘A powerful experience. It is like the Artist’s Way, wrapped in a day. It helps you make sense of your life and journey to carve a path forward’- Niamh, Sept 2019.

‘So much more than a writing workshop. It will inform my actions for years’- Cora, Sept 2019


How this workshop came to be… 

When we can unravel and understand the threads of our story we have a tool for weaving a more intimate relationship with ourselves and the world.

I’m interested in the role of story in our lives, at both a personal and a cultural level. For many years I documented other peoples stories, through words and images, as a way to capture the diversity and possibility of our lives. But it was not until I started to dive into my own story, that I began to see the power and hold of it in my own life, and the power of stories to reshape me too.

Listening to a deep urge to write, a few years ago I took a leap and moved to West Cork. Over the course of about a two years, I began to narrate the narrative lines which had been moulding and holding me. The stories took me back in time to landscape and myth, to my great-grandmother, to the impact of cultural narratives of femininity, patriarchy, religion and cultural identity on my life. The memoir which resulted has been the greatest gift I have ever given to myself, and the questions and insights which have arisen are guiding my life outwards now, beyond the page. When I wrote my own truth I noticed I was able to start living it more fully too, inhabiting my being in fuller, more expanded ways.

To get to my own stories I had to write down the layers of me. I drew on a range of perceptual and creative tools such as sensory listening, somatic practice, creative visioning, life mapping, poetic sensibility, photography and the technical skills of crafting and editing prose to find my own writing voice.

This workshop is a condensed version of this process, in which I introduce some of these tools as a way to spark your own writing and story practice. It is an exploration into new ways of sensing and thinking about story, and how writing can give voice to it all.

(To hear me speak more about the power of story you can listen to this podcast interview with Naomi Sturdy, on Heart of the Matter. )


“I cannot recommend this day highly enough. Write To Your Truth was one of the most enjoyable workshops I’ve ever been to. Clare held the space for us all with gentle encouragement, wisdom and kindness. We all ended the day full of inspiration, with plenty of takeaways for nurturing our own writing practice.” – Niamh Gallagher, July 2019. 

This workshop is for you if you: .

  • Want to explore engaging ways to craft your own personal narratives.
  • Seeking space and time to unpack your story
  • Interested in using writing as a tool to connect with your inner wisdom and intuition.

In this workshop you will: 

  • Learn tools for crafting your own personal narrative and learn more about the role of story in your life.
  • Create a ‘river of life’ story map as a tool for seeing the interdependencies between your stories.
  • Discover creative ways for into tapping into memory using your senses and somatic/ body awareness
  • Have some quiet time to write and reflect.
  • Connect and learn from the other participants.
  • Receive a comprehensive reading list for on-going writing practice and inspiration.


‘I found the workshop helped restart my inner fire for writing through the exercises and skillful facilitation. Clare draws from a deep well of knowledge and experience but shares it it a very modest and gentle way, creating a nurturing, greenhouse space where creativity and openness are cultivated’– Hilary, July 2019 participant.

Workshops & Tickets

 Coming  in 2020 to Dublin, California, West Cork and more…

Gained a realisation that writing is not just for the chosen few. I too have a story to tell and my own writing style. A potential for creativity which never got the chance to develop or flourish. I now have greater self belief. Really enjoyed the experience. – Ger

Dublin Workshops 

Saturday 25th January

Saturday 21st March. 

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California Workshops 

Oakland- 1 February

Davis- 8th February

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West Cork Workshops

2 May, Grove House, West Cork.

20 June, Grove House, West Cork.

25 July, Grove House, West Cork.

22 August, Grove House, West Cork.

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(Ticket conditions: Please note that tickets are non-refundable, but can be transferred to another person for the same date of workshop).

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About Clare…


Clare Mulvany is an experienced writer, leadership mentor, story-teller and retreat host. She has an MSc in International Education from the University of Oxford and is the author of ‘One Wild Life- A Journey to Discover People who Change our World’, published by Collins Press. She has been a lecturer in English Literature at China’s top university, Peking University, and a founding member of Suas- one of Ireland’s leading educational non-profits where she lead a leadership programmes in India and Kenya. She later went on to co-found The Trailblazery- an organisation which hosts cutting edge TED-style talks in inspiring venues around Ireland and which has been broadcast on RTÉ and The Washington Post.

As a story-teller, her craft was honed as an international documentary photographer when her camera led her to tell stories for social change organisations from Eastern Africa, Asia and as far away as the Pacific Islands. Clare is also the founder of Wild Edge Retreats hosting writing and leadership retreats in West Cork. Alongside this, she is a classically trained hatha yoga teacher and teaches a regular class and workshops.

Clare is a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland awardee and The Irish Times named her as one of Ireland’s 60 most creative people.

She lives in Schull, West Cork, often seen swimming in the sea, while her little dog waits on shore for her to return.




Do I need to read my words aloud? 

No. Not at all. But if you want to, there will be opportunity.

Do I need to be a ‘writer’? 

Well, I believe we are all writers in some way- writing our own lives, day by day. But no, you don’t need to be published, or experienced. This is a creative exploration.

What do I need to bring? 

Bring a journal or notebook, and a pen you enjoy writing with. I’ll provide to other workshop materials.






Such a rich immersive day, held lightly but with so much depth. Practical tools and wisdom, encouraging of all voices and of opening many doors to creative expression. Clare really builds a safe container that expression can bubble right up to the surface. I would highly recommend this workshop and the wonderfully talented Clare Mulvany– Nadine McCarthy

Clare created such a fiercely gentle environment that allowed me to feel one of my blocks and the narratives around them, yet in a safe enough space to love through pain and stories of defeat and failure to a place where writing might be possible. Oona Sanziana Marian. 

A day to guide the rest of your days. Everyone needs a day with Clare. – Sybil Emmet Booth

Write to your Truth was a beautiful workshop hosted by Clare Mulvany. Clare creates such a safe, intimate space in which sharing feels natural, even with complete strangers. I felt supported in my writing process and emboldened to further creativity. The day was a wonderful way to connect with other creative people in my area and to learn something of the craft of creative non-fiction from Clare. – Fiona Shevlin.

Clare’s workshop opened many doors into the dark, in to the light and offered safe and inspiring ways of exploring experience through words. We worked through a wide variety of stimulating exercises. If one didn’t ‘work’ the next one did. I’m leaving with a set of tools to fee up my own writing and am looking forward to find out where it leads me. Deirdre Mc Mahon.

A day of wonderful insight and creative exploration moderated and encouraged expertly in a safe and nurturing way by Clare. – Liam Halpin.


Doing the ‘Write to your Truth’ workshop with Clare allowed me to drop further into presence with my sensory world and to dive deeper into the ocean of expression that is waiting to be released. I discovered new frameworks and pathways to allow the unfolding truth to be expressed through pen onto page. I uncovered surprising truths, just waiting to find an outlet for my own understanding and unfolding of my own path- Treacy O’ Connor.


I regained my love of writing for fiction and healing, and a reminder of different modalities for inspiration. I’m not sure where I’ll go with my writing but looking forward to exploring, thanks to Clare’s insights and tools- Anne Marie Callaghan.

Clare share her personal wisdom and story which was very impactful as a way of teaching. The workshop was my first experience with writing as a creative expression and I picked up some great practices and points of entry that I will definitely use in the future. The experience was comforting and supportive, and working in a group helped as a way of reflecting on my own experience and how others were feeling. Thank you Clare.- Lesley Keppel.

I’d been through quite a big transition in my life this year so far and struggling with decisions I’ve made and I am facing. Coming to Clare’s workshop  was in incredibly healing experience for me as it helped me to see who I already am, who I have become and what potential my future holds. I love writing and have a very creative side to my life which has felt very blocked. The exercises in this workshop helped me to tap into my creative self again in a very safe and supportive space. Thank you so much. – Lisa, Wicklow.

I’m a novice to writing and journalling. In the workshop I’ve been shown ways to connect with my inner thoughts through senses, words, diagrams. It’s been very interesting and took me in unexpected directions. – Patricia Duff

I have realised that there are lots of untold stories in me waiting to be explored. I am not going to publish or blog any of it but the techniques will be used to help me write my own story so I can understand myself better. Clare is friendly, knowledgeable and involving. I really enjoyed the class. – Sally




Next dates: 


 January 25th,  Fumbally Stables, Dublin 8.

 February 1st, Oakland, California. 

 February 8th, Davis, California.

 21st March, Fumbally Stables, Dublin 8. 

2 May, Grove House, West Cork.

20 June, Grove House, West Cork.

25 July, Grove House, West Cork.

22 August, Grove House, West Cork.