Writing Retreats

Craft your story, write your book, come to the wild edge.

Do you have a writing project you are longing to bring to life, a story you want to tell, or a book that is dying to be written? Perhaps you are craving some time, space and creative support to help you along your writing journey? Wild Edge Retreats, led by author and story coach, Clare Mulvany, are designed to do exactly that, all in the beautiful surrounds of West Cork. Hosted in Grove House, overlooking Schull harbour, solo and group experiences are available year round.

Imagine the feeling of having made progress on your big writing ideas. Imagine the sense of accomplishment having followed through on your vision. Imagine the values you are honouring as you make progress with your story. And then imagine all the people you can reach through the powerful ripple effect of your words.

Come write at the Wild Edge, West Cork, Ireland.

Stories change lives- yours, and your readers. The stories we tell of the world can shape it, and change it. Now, more than ever we need wise and wonderful stories to inspire, educate, offer hope. The Wild Edge is calling you to write yours…

But writing takes time, and space, and fresh thinking. It needs structure and coaxing. It thrives on inspiration, attention and beauty.

You will find all that, and more, at Wild Edge Retreats.

Write your way to your own wild edge… 

  • Map your writing project’s key themes and content
  • Dedicated interruption-free writing time
  • Supportive and constructive feedback
  • Private mentoring sessions
  • Nature, space, deep questions, cozy fires and community…

Solo Retreats:

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Tell me more… 

Right out at the edge of Europe, on the south-west coat of Ireland, a small seaside village called Schull offers a haven to writers, artists and entrepreneurs. It’s safe harbour, it’s sailing community, it’s vibrant village life, backdropped by the protection of Mount Gabriel, brings creativity and words to life.

Hosted by published author and creative leadership mentor Clare Mulvany, Wild Edge Retreats are havens too. They offer space and sacred time to swim through your sea of ideas and dive deep into the real story which you are being called to write.

With nature as a guide, you’ll have time to listen inwards. You will be supported in your writing process with powerful, clarifying questions and writing practices which can help to hone your storytelling skills. You’ll have plenty of time to make progress on your writing project through structured mentoring and one-to-one coaching sessions. Plus there will be space to roam big as there is literally the ocean to dive into- then there is always the local snug for a bit of cozy and craic.

So picture this: 

An old Irish country house, overlooking the ever-changing sea, fire blazing, cozy armchairs, blankets to snuggle up with, and you- writing. Five days of support and attention to your writing process, going deep, braving the words. Imagine laughter, perhaps some tears of release and recognition, and then the feeling of finally making traction and having a clear path of how to continue with your book. Imagine candlelight, and cushions, and seasonal food. Picture yourself walking the wild coastline, wrapped up against the wind and the weather, the rugged terrain under foot and the Atlantic ocean inviting the best in you to come alive. Then think of the cozy feeling of popping into a local pub for a coffee or something stronger to warm up the bones. You can include visits to ancient sacred sites for inspiration and breathtaking vistas, you can take a trip to the mythic Three Castle Head, or dip your toes in the water along Barleycove beach. The inspiration is everywhere.

And finally, imagine the sensation of coming away having crafted stories that have the power to change lives, your own, and others…

All of this, and more, at Wild Edge Retreats.


Who are the writing retreats for? 

Whether you are a new writer or a seasoned author, in Clare you’ll find a cheerleader, a champion, a guide, an experienced facilitator, a writing companion, a fellow seeker.

You may be right at the beginning of your project’s writing process or trying to understand the key messages and structure of your book. Maybe you are further along and needing space and time to continue.

You may want to write a memoir, a business book, a book which makes a difference is someone’s life. You want to write a cook-book, a guidebook, a travel writing epic. Maybe you want to share a story of how you got your own business started, made your own way through a challenge in your life. You may have a yoga book, a meditation book, a programme about leadership or organisational change. You may have a story to offer healing to others or hope.

Is it time to invest in your story?

During the retreat, your mentoring support is tailored to suit your own writing needs:

  • If you get stuck, together we will find ways to un-stick.
  • If you feel your ideas are in a jumble, we’ll find ways to unravel them
  • If you are not even sure you have an idea, but you sense that there is something in there, the retreat can be time to experiment, play, let loose, let it emerge
  • If you have already written your book for you need an extra eye to fine tune and polish, this too is possible.


Why Schull: 

welcomeIn Clare’s words…“I arrived in Schull, listening to a calling. It was the land, the space, the energy to sink deep into my own wisdom and hear nature in her glorious abundance. I had a sense that there was something I was to create here; something I was to birth. For 18 months I walked the shoreline everyday. I climbed hills and plunged into the Atlantic waters. The place was telling me it was time to write. So for six months, I wrote, fast and deep and wildly. It was mysterious, it was magical and the result is my own memoir which I’m now fine tuning to get out to publishers.

Then, one day, while visiting a wild spot, right on the edge, a huge sensation arose through me which said: Gather the leaders, the changemakers, the trailblazers. Gather the story-tellers, the dreamers, the wisdom-holders. Gather the healers and the shapers. Gather those who can change the way we tell the story of the world.

And so it is the Wild Edge Retreats has been born: as a place to tell the stories the world needs to hear. A place to lean into the edges of our own conversation so our story and purpose can find its place in the world”

Our Schull Venue

The moment you walk into Grove House you can the creative legacy of the place. George Bernard Shaw once stayed here (and signed the guest book with a poem in 1914). Jack B. Yeats was another visitor. Books and art work line the walls. With open fires, cozy chairs, and a view over Schull harbour, it has the safe and  open feeling of a well loved home yet all the elegance of a grand house. JJ and Lily, the resident dogs, walk the grounds; the kettle is on the go; the large open conservatory offers pockets of light filled peace. It’s relaxed, friendly and always inviting…

Katarina Runske, owner and resident chef of Grove House restaurant will be serving evening dinners from locally sourced produce (West Cork has some of the finest vegetables, artisan cheeses and, being a fishing village, daily local catch).

The house is intimate, which is perfect for our small, intimate retreats.

On some nights the restaurant may be open, but we’ll always have our own private living room for writing circles and mentoring workshops.

Choose Solo or Group Writing Retreats.

‘Stories are, at heart, like the baton handed over in a relay team, only they are passed from one generation to the next. They give each of us a visual template of what to expect, a map of the ‘wilderness’, but most of all the best stories provide a sort of psychological preparation for life’s inevitable struggles. In short, stories are prescriptions for courage. They illustrate how to run the race. And win. We are not born with courage. We may possess bravado, even arrogance. Youth normally does. But courage is a quiet spiritual muscle discovered only when you face your greatest fear. Stories embolden, strengthen and establish how we can become our very best’- Bobette Buster.












‘The doors to the wild self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door. If you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost can not bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door"
Clarissa Pinkola Estes.