Writing Services

Struggling to write about your business or organisation? Finding it hard to communicate who you are and what you do clearly? 

Calling all freelancers, sole traders, creative businesses and changemakers. 

It’s a noisy world out there. 

To stand out from the crowd, you need a compelling story so you can authentically connect with the right clients and customers. 

If you are a small to medium business, non-profit or a freelancer, your words matter. From website copy to newsletters, from blogs to social media posts, you have an opportunity to transform your insights, knowledge and expertise into stories and content that matter too. 

Struggling to write your ‘About’ page or finding it hard to explain what you do?

I can support you to turn your readers into clients, build a community based on trust, and tell better stories. So you can get on with the work you are here to do. (We need you). 

Together we can: 

  • Clarify your key messages
  • Craft powerful stories which help you connect with your audience
  • Refine your values
  • Write copy and content which is authentic to you and your business or organisation. 

I can support you to write: 

Website content // Blog plans // Newsletters // Interviews and profile// Course Content// Columns //Workshop materials // E-books

Here’s how it works: 

Stage One: 

Before we get to the words, we focus on your essence and core message. What is it you have to say? What do you want to be known for? 

Stage Two: 

We’ll drill down into why you do what you do, uncovering your origin story and the values behind your mission.  

Stage Three: 

We’ll refine how your product or service makes a difference in the lives of your customers or clients. Then we’ll package that transformation into clear services and offerings.

Stage Four: 

I’ll support you to transform your knowledge, insights and values into compelling copy and content. Here is were I can write key website content for you, and can come on-board as an on-going content collaborator for your organisation. 

Previous Writing Clients Include: 

PlainInk // Social Entrepreneurs Ireland // Future Forests // Eedi Studios // Suas // Bridge21


Contact me to arrange a free 30 minute consultation. 



I found it hard to write my own About page. Through a process of consultation and listening, Clare helped me to refine what I wanted to say and then brought it all to life on my site. I am so relieved.- Eavan English, Eedi Studio (Interior Architect)

‘Clare came on board to help Plain Ink craft a clear and compelling copy for our website; not an easy task. I must say that she exceeded- by far- any expectation my team and I had, coming up with great ideas and suggestions, and even greater copy. I highly recommend working with Clare if you want an amazing result!- Selene Biffi, Plain Ink.

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